My Digital Studio 2

Updated January 10, 2013.

Yea!  My Digital Studio 2 (MDS2 or mds2) is finally out!  It has 75 new features!  We could do some of the things with the original My Digital Studio, but MDS2 simplifies the process.  I LOVE using My Digital Studio!  It was just as easy or easier to use than the originalMy Digital Studio!  I LOVE EASY!!!

Several new ways to use MDS2 are:
Coloring the stamp in multiple colors.  I LOVE coloring my rubber stamps!  Now I can also color my digital stamps!
Export to PDF, PNG, and SVG (use with an e-cutter.  Also enlarge and keep the image crisp with no choppy edges).
Mirror text for use with Iron-On Transfers.
-You can now work on a two scrapbook page layout on the same screen.  It will be so much easier to make sure the two pages that are shown together really look good together.
Choose the size of your project.  Now you can design the graphics for your Facebook Timeline and blog headers without having to crop!

Here is a PDF of the 75 New Features of MDS 2.

Check out My Online Store to see your choices!  It is still compatible with both PC and Mac computers.  It is available as a download or on Discs.
 Is there still a 30-Day FREE Trial?  Yes there is.  Here is the Free Trial Content.  You can only use the 30-Day Trial once.
2.  I already have My Digital Studio.  Do I have to purchase the whole thing again to get all these great features?  You can just purchase the Upgrade for $19.95.  This will give you all the new features, but no additional content.
3.   I want to choose the content I get.  Is there any way to do this?  Yes, just get the basic MDS2.  Here is the MDS2 Content.
4.  I want lots of content.  Which version do I purchase?  Choose MDS2+ with over $500 worth of content.   Here is the MDS2+ Content.
5.  What version is Nendy choosing?  I have chose MDS2+.  There is $347.50 worth of content I don’t have and would choose to buy (providing I had an unlimited budget).
6.  Still have questions about MDS2?  Here are some answers!
7.  Check my Online Store every Tuesday for new Downloads.  This will keep your projects fresh and up-to-date.

I WANT A TEST DRIVE WITH SOMEONE SHOWING ME HOW TO DO EVERYTHING.  I am offering some FREE lessons.   Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 are ready!

Happy Digital Stamping!

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