NEW Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink Pads

It is June 1st and starting at 12:00 noon (Mountain Time/Utah Time) we can order from the NEW Stampin’ Up! Catalog!!  I thought I would make a video showing you the NEW Classic Stampin’ Pads since they have been reconfigured.

They have replaced the felt ink pads with Firm Foam pads.  These pads will stay flat and provide better coverage for you stamps.  They will also need re-inking less often than the felt pads.  Sometimes there will be too much ink on the new Firm Foam pad.  Just blot it with a paper towel to remove the extra ink.  The NEW Firm Foam pads are juicier than the old Felt pads.  Sometimes the Firm Foam Pad will appear blotchy, but it shouldn’t affect performance of the pad.  Our stamps will now produce a better quality image when we use the NEW Stampin’ Pads.

It is easier to get ink on our stamps with the NEW Firm Foam Pads.  It will take us less effort to get a good quality stamped image.  I have had to practice a bit because you only need to lightly, but firmly touch the stamp to the ink pad.  I still need to check the edges of the stamps for ink (because I forgot and pressed too hard).  I am getting better though.

Sometimes the stamp will leave a slight impression in the Firm Foam pad.  It will go away quickly.  You can ink your stamp on various spots on the ink pad to prevent any problems.  The Firm Foam is soft and will bounce back quickly.  The new Firm Foam Stampin’ Pads will remain flat and will not become wavy like the older Felt pads.  I know I will be slowly replacing my most used Stampin’ Pads for the NEW Firm Foam Stampin’ Pads.  I really enjoy how great each stamped image looks, both solid stamps and outline stamps.

These new Stampin’ Pads are available in all of Stampin’ Up’s colors.  You can use your old re-inkers with all but 5 of the new Stampin’ Pads.  These colors are Basic Black, Basic Gray, Marina Mist, Perfect Plum, and Tempting Turquoise.  The new re-inkers can be used on all the older Stampin’ Pads.

The label on the end is now a sticker with the color name on it. Since Stampin’ Up! sells things in 4 languages, we get to choose the label with the language we want.  I will show you how on this video.

You will easily be able to tell the difference between the older and new Stampin’ Pads.  The older Stampin’ Pads have the labels printed on the case and the colored piece at the end says “Classic”.  The new pads have a shiny label on the top and the colored part at the end has the color name.

You can order some of the new Firm Foam Stampin’ Pads from my Online Stampin’ Up! Store.

Have fun playing with YOUR NEW Firm Foam Stampin’ Pads and enjoy the improved quality of your stamped images!

Happy Stamping!


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6 Responses to NEW Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink Pads

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  2. Lauren says:

    When I use my SU ink pads to stamp…bought all available last year… committed now :0 (((
    The images bleed. I stamp them on SU white paper… does not seem to matter clear or rubber SU stamps all bleed. How can I fix this? Also does not matter what type of image. Words or images…finely detailed or larger.
    All bleed.

    • Nendy says:

      Thanks for asking Lauren. I usually have this problem after I have reinked, but I know some of the ink pads just come with too much ink.

      First are you just lightly tapping your stamp on the ink pad? I know when I forget and press down hard I get too much ink and it bleeds or smears.

      Are your stamp pads extra juicy or wet? You might try taking a paper towel folded so there are 4 layers and putting it down on the ink pad to absorb some of the excess ink. I usually put my whole hand on top of the paper towel and press down-about a medium press down. Test to see if your ink still bleeds after stamping. If it does, use the paper towel again after refolding it so the side you use starts out clean. You may have to do this several times. This has always worked for me.

      Please email me if you are still having problems after using paper towels. Use the “Contact Me” tab above. I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, but will still check my email at least once a day. We will figure it out. Thanks for your comments!

      • Lauren Remington says:

        Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.
        Since in the past i only used a black memento or a gold stamping ink pad…. never experienced this before.

        I purchased the entire 4 sets of all the inks… because they went with all the papers etc….

        seems such a shame to have to remove the ink you pay for. But i will try that on one.

        I only tap the stamp to the pad… i have also tried tapping gently the pad to the stamp. LOL
        all with same terrible results.

        I have also tried prestamping the stamp on a piece of scrap paper… but then it comes out too faded. and not clear at all.

        I first thought perhaps it was the paper… i was using gina luxury paper… so i bought and tried it on the SU paper… same terrible results…

        So I will give it a go with the paper towel on one of the ink pads… again… hate to see that much go to waste. sigh….

        thanks again for your quick response.

  3. Lauren says:

    When I use my SU ink pads to stamp…bought all available last year… committed now :0 (((
    The images bleed. I stamp them on SU white paper… does not seem to matter clear or rubber SU stamps all bleed. How can I fix this

  4. Hey Nendy! Awesome video of the new stamp pads…clear, precise and informative. Keep up the great work, hope to see you sometime soon.

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