Photopolymer Stamp Storage

Do you get frustrated because your Photopolymer stamps slide around in their cases, or even worse, have you misplaced a sheet of stamps?  Here is a quick and easy solution!  Just add Glue Dots or Sticky Strip to the outside of the clear stamp sheet that has the black images printed on it and stick that to the inside of your Stamp Case.  Now your Stamp Sheets will stay in place.  I do leave the clear top sheet on top of the Photopolymer stamps.
Photopolymer Stamp StorageYou can add more Glue Dots if you want.  I usually add more Glue Dots or use Sticky Strip if the stamps are larger as the bottom sheet has more stress when you pull off the larger stamps.

Enjoy knowing your Photopolymer stamp sheets are in the case!  Now if I can just remember to put the stamps back right when I am finished using them.  😉

Happy Stamping!
Nendy Kerr

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