NEW Cling Stamps Video

Have you been curious about Stampin’ Up!’s NEW Cling Stamps?  Learn all about them when you watch this video.  There are currently 27 Cling Stamp sets available in the Occasions Catalog.  Check them out HERE.

This Video is 13 minutes long.

1.  Carefully pull the stamps off with your fingernail or the Take Your Pick Tool under the sticker and gently roll off the stamp block.
2.  Keep the sticky label clean.  You can clean it with water, Stampin’ Mist, or mild dish detergent if needed.
3.  Avoid the following:
~NO Sticky label on cardstock or paper.  Lint fibers will make your sticky label so it won’t be sticky anymore and you won’t be able to clean the lint off the sticky label.
~DO NOT use wipes to clean your stamps or labels.  They also leave lint fibers that destroy the sticky feature.
~NO Alcohol wipes.  The alcohol will damage the sticky labels and the wipes have fibers.
~Use caution when using StayzOn Cleaner on your Rubber stamps as the cleaner can damage the sticky labels.

So, get yourself at least one Cling-Mount Stamp Set today!

Simply Shammy Video

What is Simply Shammy and what do you do with it?  Simply Shammy is one of the Stamp Cleaning Tools from Stampin’ Up!  You just use water to keep it moist and clean your stamps.  Unlike other Stamp Cleaning products, it will not transfer color to your Photopolymer stamps.  I love it!  It is easy to use.  You just have to remember to let it air out overnight every couple of days.  Watch this video to see how easy it is to use.

This Video is almost 4 minutes long.

Simply Shammy #147042
Clear-Mount Stamp Case #119105

~Ink will stain your Simply Shammy, but will not transfer to your stamps.  If you ink up a stamp and clean it without stamping, the ink may transfer to other stamps or your fingers/hands.
~Clean with water every day at either the start of the day or the end of the day to help it stay moist and clean any thick ink residue from the Shammy.
~You can store your Simply Shammy in a Clear-Mount Stamp Case or a quart Ziplock Bag.
~Leave your Storage stamp case or Ziplock Bag open overnight to prevent mildew and funny smells.
~Your Shammy may get hard when you leave it to dry out.  You can soften it up by running it under the tap, or put it in a container with water and let it soak for a bit.

Get your OWN Simply Shammy and other supplies from My Online Store.

Dynamic Embossing Folder Video

Do you have any Thick Dynamic Embossing Folders?  Are your results not quite as “Dynamic” as you had hoped?  Watch this video and discover the simple trick to get more “Dynamic” results.

This Video is 3 minutes 15 seconds long.

Whisper White cardstock or cardstock color of your choice
Stampin’ Spritzer #126185
Water from your sink tap
Big Shot:
  Cable Knit Dynamic embossing Folder #143537

1.  Fill your Stampin’ Spritzer with Water.
2.  Only give 4-5 spritzes with your Stampin’ Spritzer.
3.  Use a Stampin’ Spritzer rather than a normal spray bottle.  The Spray Bottle will get the cardstock too wet making it curl as it drys. This will also make it harder lay flat when you attach it to your card.

Reinking Stampin’ Up! Markers and Ink Pads

Are your Markers drying out?  Is the ink from your Ink Pads getting lighter or uneven in color?  Watch this Video and learn to reink both your Markers and Ink Pads.  It is pretty quick.

I made this video two years ago.  One of my Markers needed reinking at a recent event and I could not remember how to reink it.  So here is the video so we can all take care of these coloring tools and get great results every time.

This video is about 8 minutes long.

Stampin’ Up! Ink Pad with ink refill in the same color
Stampin’ Up! Marker with ink refill in the same color
Needle Nose Pliers
~I laid printer paper on top of a Silicone Craft Sheet to keep the ink from soaking through to my desktop.
~You use the same technique to reink the 2018 NEW Ink Pads.
~DO NOT reink Stampin’ Blends Markers with regular ink refills.  Blends are Alcohol Markers.  Stampin’ Up! does not sell ink refills for them.  You will just need to buy a new marker. Luckily they are sold individually.

Check out all the Ink Pad Colors, Ink Refills, and Markers in My Online Store.

Attaching Ribbons Video

Have you ever had a ribbon come unattached after attaching it to your card or project?  Watch this video to learn an easy way to attach ribbons and help your ribbon stay where you put it!  Grab some ribbons, SNAIL, and Glue Dots and a project to attach the ribbon to.

This video is almost 9 minutes long.

Rich Razzleberry 1/4″ Velvet Ribbon #147016
5/8″ Polka Dot Tulle Ribbon  Whisper White #146912, Very Vanilla #147629
Black 1/8″ Cord #146350

Check out all the NEW Ribbons in My Online Store and buy some you like to try these Attaching Ribbon Techniques with.

Q&A about Stamps

I had a question from a new customer about stamps.  She had ordered “Clear Mount” stamps and thought they would be see-through.  So let me explain a bit about Stampin’ Up! stamps.

Wood Mount Stamps in CaseWood Mount Stamps:
~Red Rubber stamps.
~Come in the thicker Full Wide Stamp Cases (7-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ x 1-1/4″) and Half Wide Stamp Cases (5-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ x 1-1/4″)
~You need to attach them to the wood block that is included.  I generally lay out all the large and medium stamps on the wood blocks to make sure I will be putting them on the block that fits best.  Peel off the paper backing from the stamp and put the stamp on your block.  Now put the clear sticker on the block in the same position you put the stamp.
~Sometimes the blocks fit really tight into the stamp case.  When that is the case, (I-meaning my helper Kiev) cuts a piece of printer paper the size of the bottom and stamps where each stamp goes.  This way I can get all the blocks back into the stamp case.  See photo above.  This side of the case is usually clear.  I (meaning Kiev) added the printer paper and stamped on it so I can get the stamps quickly put away.

Clear Mount Stamps in CaseClear Mount Stamps:
~Red Rubber stamps.
~Come in the thinner Clear-Mount Stamp Cases ( 7-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ )
~Require Clear Blocks in order to stamp.
~Watch this video on how to assemble them.
~Some people have trouble with the stamps and cut part around the edge of the sticker so some of the grey foam stick out.  They say this way they can have the sticker on and the advantage of the foam sticking.  I personally have only had problems with the super small stamps sticking.  I just put either Tombow Glue on the sticker and let it dry overnight, or a 1/4″ strip of SNAIL adhesive.  They will then stick fine.
~If your blocks are clean and the sticker on your stamp is clean, the stamp should stay stuck to the block.

Photopolymer Stamps in CastPhotopolymer Stamps:
~Clear (see-through) Photopolymer stamps
~Can come in either the Clear-Mount Stamp Cases or the Full Wide Stamp Cases depending on how many stamps are included.  Most come in the Clear Mount Stamp Cases.
~Require Clear Blocks in order to stamp.
~Larger images stamp better if you have a Stampin’ Pierce Mat under your cardstock.
~Great for Two-Step stamping and word placement!
~Sometimes stain-usually red.  This does not affect the quality of the stamped image or the stamps.  The staining also helps make the stamps easier to find.

Cleaning Stamps:
~Use the Stampin’ Scrub and Stampin’ Mist to clean ALL your stamps.
~A NOTE about using Baby Wipes.  Some baby wipes will stain your Photopolymer stamps.  They may damage your red rubber stamps over time.  Baby wipes transfer ink to your fingers which can leave ink on your projects.  I do occasionally use baby wipes.  But clean all these stamps with Stampin’ Mist later to remove the damaging residue left on your stamps.

Which type of stamps are my personal favorite?
It depends…..  I like them all, but for different reasons.
~I like wood mount stamps for beginning stampers and for children to use.  I also don’t need to take the time to attach it to a clear block as it is already attached to a wood block.  I really do enjoy putting stamps on wood blocks.
~I like clean mount stamps because they take up less space on my shelves.  They also work well with my NEW Stamparatus!
~I like Photopolymer stamps for words, alphabets, and two step stamps.  I like being able to see exactly where I am stamping.  You can also bend some of the word stamps to fit inside a shaped banner stamp.  These also work well with my NEW Stamparatus!

Hope this helps answer your questions about the different kinds of stamps that Stampin’ Up! carries.

Layering Square Framelits

The Layering Square Framelits are going to make it very easy to add layers to our cards and projects!  Here is information on the sizes of Layering Squares Framelits.

I have labeled my Framelits by Letters according to the placement on the sheet they came on.  I have numbered the Framelits in each Lettered group starting with 1 as the largest and counting my way down to the smallest.  I also traced around the outside edge of each Framelit so I would know which was missing.  😉
Layering Square FramelitsA has 5 Scallop Square Framelits
B has 4 Straight Square Framelits
C has 5 Straight Square Framelits
D has 4 Scallop Square Frameilts + 1 Straight Square Framelit

*3” = A1
*2-3/4” = D1
*2-1/2” = A2
*2-1/4” = D2
*2” = A3
*1-3/4” = D3
*1-1/2” = A4
*1-1/4” = D4
*1” = A5

2-7/8” = C1
2-5/8” = B1
2-3/8” = C2
2-1/8” = B2
1-7/8” = C3
1-5/8” = B3
1-3/8” = C4
1-1/8” = B4
7/8” = C5
3/4″ = D5

I also made Templates and kept the die cuts to help me decide which Layering Square Framelits I want to use for a project.  I am storing the die cuts in a Translucent Envelope.
Layering Square Framelits Template ALayering Squares Framelits Template BLayering Squares Framelits Template CLayering Square Framelits Template DHave fun using different combinations of these Layering Square Framelits to add a variety of layers to your projects!


Let’s Celebrate Favor Box

This will be the favor box made with the Gift Bag Punch Board for my friend’s bridal shower.  You can put treats in it with out without a cellophane bag.  This bag is 3″ tall.  I have not decided if I want to clip or tie it closed yet.
Celebrate Favor BagSUPPLIES:
Stamps:  Confetti Celebration   Wood # 141510, Clear #142034
Ink:  Bermuda Bay
Card Stock:  Pool Party
Bermuda Bay
Whisper White
Big Shot:  Layering Ovals Framelits  #141706
Punch: Blossom Builder #141469
Tools:  Gift Bag Punch Board  #135862
Adhesives:  Fast Fuse, Tear & Tape, or Tombow Glue
Stampin’ Dimensionals

1.  Cut your Pool Party card stock at 4-1/4″ x 10″.
2.  Make a Small Gift Bag.  Watch thie Video for detailed instructions.
3.  Stamp your sentiment on Whisper White card stock with Bermuda Bay ink.  Cut it out with the desired size Layering Oval Framelit.  Cut a Scallop Oval just slightly larger than your sentiment Oval from Bermuda Bay card stock.  Layer together.  I attached the sentiment to the Bermuda Bay layer with Tombow.  I used Stampin’ Dimensionals to attach the layers to the Gift Bag.
4.  Punch a small flower from the Blossom Builder Punch from Bermuda Bay card stock.  Attach with a Glue Dot or two.
5.  Fill with treats or a small gift for those attending the party.

Gift Bag Punch Board

Have fun using your Gift Bag Punch Board to make this cute Favor Bag.

Framelits vs Thinlits Part 2 – Thinlits

Thinlits have more details than Framelits which are a basic shape die cut.

This video is 3-1/2 minutes long.

Thinlits have several differences from Framelits.  Both have cut lines.  Some Thinlits also have score lines.  Most Thinlits have release holes on the flat metal to help you get the card stock out.  There are several types of Thinlits.

1.  Regular Thinlits have shape and some details, but are larger and the card stock comes out fairly easily.
Use Sandwich 1

2.  3D Thinlits both cut and score your card stock so you can fold and make a 3 dimensional container, shape, envelope, or bag.  You can use any of the basic Platform bases and 2 cutting pads/plates.
Use Sandwich 1.

3.  Word Thinlits cut out a single word with a thin line of card stock forming the cursive letters. Use any of the basic Platforms bases and 2 FLAT cutting pads/plates.  You can also use the Precision Base Plate with 1 cutting pad/plate. You might also need to use Parchment Paper or Wax Paper between your card stock and the Thinlit to help your card stock come out of the Thinlit die more easily.
Use either Sandwich 1 OR 2 with FLAT cutting pad(s)/plate(s).

4.  Interactive Thinlits which make an outside cut and an inside cut. PL Paper Clip Thinlits.
Use Sandwich 1.

5.  Detailed Thinlits cut fine lines with intricate designs and give the best results when used with the Precision Base Plate.
Use Sandwich 2.

Basic Platforms-Choose 1:
Multipurpose Platform with all tabs closed.
NEW Big Shot Platform with both pieces
Magnetic Platform

Sandwich 1:
Choose a basic Platform:
Put a Standard Cutting Pad on top of your Platform.
Add your card stock.
Add your Framelit or Thinlit.
Add your top cutting pad.
Slightly push your sandwich forward through your Big Shot to get it started, and then crank your handle until the whole sandwich comes out.
Remove your die cut and put away your Framelit or Thinlit.

Sandwich 2:
  Choose a Basic Platform
Add the Precision Base Plate
Card Stock
(optional Parchment or Wax Paper from your grocery store
FLAT top Cutting pad/plate

~Slightly push your sandwich forward through your Big Shot to get it started, and then crank your handle until the whole sandwich comes out.  If desired, crank through the other way for better cutting results.  The more detailed Thinlits need this second time through to cut all the details.
~Use Big Shot Die Brush to remove the excess small card stock pieces from you die cut image.  You can also use a toothpick, a bone folder, or a paper piercing tool to help you remove the small excess card stock pieces.

DOWNLOAD a Chart Page 1 lists the basic qualities of each type of Framelit and Thinlit.  Page 2 lists all the Framelits & Thinlits in the 2016-2017 Catalog with the types of Thinlits and Framelits included in each set and which Sandwich to use.  Print and keep by your Big Shot.

Enjoy playing with your Thinlits!

Framelits vs. Thinlets: What is the difference? Part 1 – Framelits

This can be very confusing since both Thinlits and Framelits can be in the same set and the set is labeled as either Framelits or Thinlits.

Basically Framelits cut out a basic shape with no details.  Thinlits have more details and will be discussed on Wednesday.  Big Shot Sandwiches will come on Friday.

This Video is 2 minutes long

There are 3 types of Framelits.

Framelits have a flat metal frame with an open hole in the center which results in a solid die cut shape.  There are several types of Framelits.

  1. Layering Shapes Framelits allow you to use two or more of the Framelits to stamp and layer.
    Use Sandwich 1.
  1. Shape Framelits coordinate with at least one stamp set so you don’t have to fussy cut the stamped images. Bundles last 1 catalog, then they are available separately.
    Use Sandwich 1.
  1. Interactive Framelits. New this year is the Sliding Star Framelits which make Slider cards.
    Use Sandwich 1.

Sandwich 1:
Choose a basic Platform:  Multipurpose, Big Shot Platform with Thin Die Adapter, OR Magnetic Platform.
Put a Standard Cutting Pad on top of your Platform.
Add your card stock.
Add your Framelit.
Add your top cutting pad.
Slightly push your sandwich through your Big Shot to get it started, then crank your handle until the whole sandwich comes out.
Remove your die cut and put away your Framelit.

Have fun using your Framelits!


Quick Tip: Extending your Word Window Punch

Do you have a stamp that looks like it will be perfect for the Word Window Punch except it ends up being too long?  Watch this short video to help you solve this problem.

This Video is less than 2 minutes long!

card stock cut at 3/8″ plus about 1″ longer than your sentiment
Word Window Punch #119857
Word Window Punch by Stampin' Up!

Happy Word Window Punching!
Nendy Kerr

Bloomin Heart Thinlit Video

This video will help you use the Bloomin’ Heart Thinlit quickly, easily, and get great results every time!

This video is just over 8 minutes long.

Stamps:  Bloomin’ Love Photopolymer #140643  (Bundle with Bloomin’ Heart Thinlit #140818)
Card Stock:
 I usually use a green because the Heart is leaves and you add the flowers.
Whisper White for the flowers
Ink:  Color of your choice
Big Shot:  Bloomin’ Heart Thinlit #140621 (See Bundle above)
Precision Base Plate #139684
Big Shot Die Brush #140603
Adhesive:  Stampin’ Dimensionals

Shim:  5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ piece of card stock

Happy Thinlit Cutting!
Nendy Kerr

Bloomin’ Heart Gift Bag

I have really enjoyed using the Bloomin’ Heart Thinlit and the coordinating stamp set, Bloomin’ Love.  This detailed Bloomin’ Heart Thinlit is quick and easy when you use the Big Shot Die Brush and your Bone Folder.
Bloomin Heart Gift Bag-Birthday Bouquet paper
Bloomin Heart Gift Bag-Perfectly Artistic paperSUPPLIES:
Stamps:  Bloomin’ Love Photopolymer #140643  (Bundle with Bloomin’ Heart Thinlit #140818)
Ink:  Rose Red/Lost Lagoon  (Choose ink to coordinate or contrast with your paper)
Card Stock:  Whisper White
Garden Green/Mossy Meadow
Designer Series Paper:  Birthday Bouquet (striped) #140557
Perfectly Artistic #141021  (Sale-a-Bration product FREE through February 15, 2016 with $50 purchase)
Big Shot:  Bloomin Heart Thinlit #140621 (see Bundle above)
Precision Base Plate
Big Shot Die Brush #140603
Tool:  Gift Bag Punch Board #135862
Ribbon:  Whisper White 5/8″ Satin #134549
Adhesives:  Stampin’ Dimensionals
Tear & Tape Adhesive

1.  Choose the green you want to cut with your Heart Thinlit.
2.  Big Shot cutting sandwich:  Magnetic OR Multipurpose Platform, Precision Base Plate, card stock, Thinlit with cutting side on card stock, FLAT cutting plate (this makes a huge difference!!).  Run through your Big Shot at least once, twice if it didn’t cut all the way.  If you can peel off around the Heart, then it cut all the way.  If not, just stick down and run through again making sure everything is lined up properly.
3.  Take your Thinlit and card stock and place them on the Big Shot Die Brush foam pad and firmly roll the Die Brush over the Heart Thinlit.  You can run the Dir Brush over both sides if you need to.    The goal is to get most of the excess card stock to separate from the rest of the card stock.  When you get an edge so it peels up you can peel up the rest.  If it is a little stubborn, you can slide your Bone Folder between the card stock and the Thinlit.  This should separate the piece that you want from all the little pieces you don’t want.
4.  Choose the ink color(s) for your Flowers.  I used the solid ones from the stamp set.  Pay attention to the little points on the stamps and put those so they face the same direction.  These will help you line up the Flower Thinlits tabs so you can get the Thinlit lined up with the stamped image more quickly.  You will need two large flowers and three small flowers.  Stamp and cut out with your Big Shot.
5.  Put Stampin’ Dimensionals on the back of the flowers and on the back of the Heart in the flower area.  Attach the Flowers to the Thinlit.
6.  Cut your Designer Series Paper at 6″ x 12″.  Make a Large Gift Bag.  Watch This Video to show you how.  Just make your score lines on the “L”.  Punch holes on each line that is the side of the Back and Front.  Skip the center pleat lines.  Make sure and punch holes at both edges too.
7.  Now attach your Heart Thinlit.  You can hold a Clear E Block inside so you have a flat surface to press against while attaching your Heart.  If you think ahead, you can do this when your bag is flat.  The Bag Front has a pleated side on both sides.  You score the Bag Back first.
8.  Put in your treat or small gift now.
9.  If you punched accurately, you can pinch your sides together and see all the way through the holes.  This means you only have to thread your ribbon through holes on the left and then on the right (or reversed).  If you are not so lucky, pinch the front half of the side together and thread the ribbon through, then the back half of the same side and thread the ribbon through.  Repeat with the other side.
10.  Pull your ribbon tight and tie a bow.  Trim the ribbon ends.  You can add a tag if you want.  Your Bloon’ Heart Gift Bag is now ready to give to someone special.

Happy Heart Making!
Nendy Kerr

Gift Bag Punch Board Video

Do you have some smaller gifts to give this year?  Make your OWN small Gift Bag in just a few minutes using the Gift Bag Punch Board, some adhesive, and some ribbon or Baker’s Twine!  It takes less time to make your OWN Gift Bag than to watch this video!!

This video is 12 minutes long.

Gift Bag Punch Board #135862
Card Stock or Paper cut at 10″ long for a Small bag, 11″ long for a Medium Bag, and 12″ long for a Large Bag.  Cut the paper 1-1/4″ taller than you want the finished Bag height to be.  For example:  a 6″ tall piece of paper will make a Bag about 4-3/4″ high.
Adhesive:  Fast Fuse OR Tear & Tape
Ribbon or Baker’s Twine if desired

1.  Score along the 10″, 11″ or 12″ side of the paper at 1-1/4″ with either your Gift Bag Punch Board or other scoring device.
2.  Remember to Punch first, then Score.
~a. Start at the Start Line. Punch then score at the S, M, OR L  line depending on the length of your paper.  10″ long=Small.  11″ long=Medium.  12″ long=Large.  This will be the Back of your Gift Bag.
~b. Move your Score Line to the Start Line.  Punch.  Now score the side of your bag: Left side of Triangle, line down the Center of Triangle, Right side of Triangle, then the Side Line.  These 4 Score lines make the side of the Bag with the Pleat.
~c. Move the Side Score Line (the furthest to the Right) to the Start Line.  Punch.  Now score the S, M, OR L  line  to form the Front of your Bag.
~d.  Repeat Step 2b to make another Side and form the Tab for the adhesive.  Trim off the the flap part of the Tab.  Check the diagram on the Punch Board to made sure your project looks the same.
3.  Place adhesive on edge of Bottom Flaps:  Front facing up:  both Sides and Back flaps and side Tab. Turn over so the inside is facing up and put adhesive on the Front flap.  Fold in the sides first, then the Back, then the Front.  Use your Scoring Tool to press down the adhesive.
4.  Optional Ribbon Holes.  Punch the end, then each side of the Front and Back.  DO NOT punch the center lines of the Sides.

Happy Gift Bag Making!
Nendy Kerr

Big Shot Precision Base Plate Video

Have fun using the NEW Precision Base Plate with your Big Shot and detailed Thinlit dies!  This video shows how to use the Precision Base Plate with both card stock and Silver Foil Paper.  It also uses the Delicate Ornament Thinlits and the NEW Fine Tip Glue Pen.
Delicate Ornament Card

This video is  Just over 8-1/2 minutes long.  The actual demonstration is about 5 minutes.

1.  Big Shot Sandwich:  Multipurpose Platform with Tab 1 and Tab 2 closed, Precision Base Plate with black side up, card stock, detailed Thinlit, top cutting plate.  The Precision Base Plate is used instead of the Bottom Cutting Plate.
2.  You only need to run card stock through one way.
3.  Move your Thinlits to a different spot each time to help preserve your Precision Base Plate.  Putting the Thinlit in the same spot each time can damage your Precision Base Plate.
4.  Start with a New Top Cutting Plate.  Rotate which side is the Top and Bottom each time.  I am thinking of labeling mine with Side A and Side B to help me remember.
5.  Use a Bone Folder to gently remove the cut outs you won’t need.  Flatten out your card stock with your Bone Folder after all pieces are removed.
6.  When using Foil Paper with your Big Shot, place either card stock or folded printer paper on top of the Foil Paper and Framelit or Thinlit to prevent Cutting Plate marks from transferring to your Foil.  Make sure the paper or card stock covers the ENTIRE piece of Foil Paper, otherwise you might get embossing from either the card stock, paper, or cutting plate.

1.  Use the coordinating Detailed Ornament Framelit to cut a back for your Detailed Ornament.  Use the Fine Tip Glue Pen to add glue to the Detailed Ornament.  Line up the Framelit and Thinlit pieces at the Ornament top and attach pieces together.  Use your Bone Folder to rub the back of the Ornament so that both pieces are fully attached.  Add extra glue with the Glue Pen if necessary.
2.  Cut the Ornament Tops from Silver Foil Paper and attach with a half Dimensional.
3.  The Softly Falling Embossing Folder is used for the card front.

Have fun with your Detailed Thinlits and Precision Base Plate!
Nendy Kerr

2015-2016 Stampin’ Up! Colors

I made up this Stampin’ Up! Colors Chart because I like to organize my colors from lightest to darkest.  I had my helper, Kiev, fill in all the squares.  I really do LOVE the Stampin’ Up! Colors!!  I am including a blank chart for you to print and fill in yourself or print my filled-in one to help you.  The one you download might not show totally accurate colors.
2-15-2016 Stampin' Up! Colors-Pinks & Reds, Black & grays, Blues, Greens
2015-2016 Stampin' Up! Colors -Yellows, Oranges, Purples, Browns

You will also notice that some colors are listed twice.  I had trouble deciding which color to list them under so I listed them in both places.  I think these are the only ones listed twice.
~Rich Razzleberry:  Pinks & Reds, Purples
~Tip Top Taupe:  Blacks & Grays, Browns
~Watermelon Wonder:  Pinks & Reds, Oranges

Print My Filled-In Color Chart.

Make your own Color Chart.
Print this Blank Chart on Whisper White card stock on both sides.  Fill in using the colors you have-card stock, Classic Stampin’ Ink Pads, and Stampin’ Write Markers.  Add others colors as you get them.

For Each Color:
~The first square for each color uses the Itty Bitty Accents Heart punch and card stock.
~The middle square uses the flower stamp from the Something for Baby stamp set and the ink pad.
~The last square uses the Marker to make some scribbles.
~By using all three-card stock, ink pad, and Marker-for each color you get a true picture of what the color looks like.  This also makes it easier to choose the colors for the project you are working on.

Happy Coloring!
Nendy Kerr


Photopolymer Stamp Storage

Do you get frustrated because your Photopolymer stamps slide around in their cases, or even worse, have you misplaced a sheet of stamps?  Here is a quick and easy solution!  Just add Glue Dots or Sticky Strip to the outside of the clear stamp sheet that has the black images printed on it and stick that to the inside of your Stamp Case.  Now your Stamp Sheets will stay in place.  I do leave the clear top sheet on top of the Photopolymer stamps.
Photopolymer Stamp StorageYou can add more Glue Dots if you want.  I usually add more Glue Dots or use Sticky Strip if the stamps are larger as the bottom sheet has more stress when you pull off the larger stamps.

Enjoy knowing your Photopolymer stamp sheets are in the case!  Now if I can just remember to put the stamps back right when I am finished using them.  😉

Happy Stamping!
Nendy Kerr

Gift Card Envelope & Trims Thinlits Dies

Sneak Peek 2014This Gift Card Envelope is made from the Gift Card Envelope & Trims Thinlits which will be available August 28th in the 2014 Holiday Catalog. It is pretty quick and easy to make – less than 10 minutes depending on how easily you can open the Brad tabs.  🙂
Gift Card Envelope

Video Time is almost 9 minutes

 Just Sayin’  w#133200  c#133203  MDS#137118  Ca Bulle #134429
Ink:  Black StazOn
Card Stock:  Daffodil Delight 6″ x 7-1/2 minimum
Calypso Coral scrap
Big Shot:  Gift Card Envelope & Trims Thinlits Dies #135854 (Available in the 2014 Holiday Catalog-August 28, 2014)
Other:  Fast Fuse Adhesive
9″ White Baker’s Twine #124262
Silver Mini Brads #122941
Paper Piercing Tool #126189

1.  Pierce your holes and add your mini brads and card stock embellishments BEFORE you close your envelope.  The hole on the lower flapshould be 1″ from the tip.  The hole on the upper flap should be about 1/2″ from the tip.  Put your fingernails under the brad top before you bend the tabs down so there will be enough room for your Baker’s Twine.
2.  You should also stamp the front (and elsewhere) if desired BEFORE you close your envelope.
3.  Add adhesive on the lower half of each side flap to the center top and on the lower flap side close to the fold.

Happy Gift Card Envelope Making!
Nendy Kerr

Adhesives 2: SNAIL and Fast Fuse Video

Today we learn about SNAIL and Fast Fuse double-sided adhesives.  They both roll on, have refills, and are inexpensive to use.  The Refills work out to about 1 cent per inch for both of them.  Fast Fuse is the stronger of the two and may become my double-sided adhesive of choice.
SNAIL and Fast Fuse Adhesives

Video about 7 minutes long.

SNAIL Adhesive # 104332
SNAIL Refill #104331
Fast Fuse Adhesive #129026
Fast Fuse Refill #129027

Happy Card Making!
Nendy Kerr

Gift Box Punch Board

Sneak Peek 2014These two boxes were each made using the Gift Box Punch Board (#135863) which will be available August 28th from the Holiday Catalog.  Each uses a 6″ x 6″ piece of card stock.  The Tempting Turquoise one uses the “S” Small Lines and follows the directions given on the Gift Box Punch Board.  The Always Artichoke one uses the “M” Medium Lines and is a cute accident.  The Always Artichoke Box does not use the Diagonal Lines and measures 2-5/8″ square and 1-1/16″ high..  I cut the one side of the triangle formed and glued it to the inside of the box.  The closure punch is included on the Punch Board.  You will have so much fun with the Gift Box Punch Board!
6x6 Gift Box Punch Board Boxes

Happy Box Making!
Nendy Kerr