Thick Baker’s Twine meets the Mini Muslin Bag

Mini Muslin Bag with Thick Baker's Twine Pom PomThis is a quick and easy Gift Packaging idea using a Mini Muslin Bag and Thick Baker’s Twine.  Just wrap your chosen color of thick Baker’s Twine around a Clear Block “D” 20 times then tie a knot in the center of the loops.  Want a fuller embellishment?  Just wrap more than 20 times to get a fuller Pom-Pom.  Stamping on a Mini Muslin bag is also easy.  Just slide a Clear Block “E” inside your bag.  Make sure your ink pad is freshly inked, then stamp, letting the stamp rest on the Muslin Bag for a few seconds longer than you would on card stock.  Do NOT rock your stamp – stamp straight down then straight up with a pause while the ink is absorbed into the muslin.

Happy Stamping on YOUR OWN Muslin Bag!
Nendy Kerr

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