My Eight Favorite Stamping and Tool Hints

Things you should know.Here are a few things I tell my customers (and myself).

Stamp first then punch.  When you stamp first you can hold your punch upside down and center the image.  Punch when it is in the position you want it.

Cut first then emboss.  Example:  If you want to use the Large Scallop Edgelit and the coordinating Delicate Details embossing folders.  Cut the Edgelit first, then emboss with the Delicate Details folders.  If you emboss first then cut your Edgelit with the Big Shot you will flatten out the embossing.

Use your new Paper Piercing Tool ONLY to Pierce your Paper.  Use your OLD Piercing Tools to remove Sticky Strip backing, place Rhinestones and Pearls, clean out your Sizzlits and Bigz Dies, etc.  If you use one JUST for PAPER PIERCING the tip will stay sharp and pointed longer!

Put the Framelit back in its envelope after using it.  I have misplaced more Framelits by NOT following this rule.  I even bought a second set of Edgelits because I didn’t put it back in its envelope after using it.  I later found the one I misplace hidden in my paper scrap box.  I did decide it is nice to have two of each Edgelit so I can do both sides at once.

Don’t force things through the Big Shot.  Check which tabs you should be using on your Multipurpose Platform.  I flattened out part of a Letterpress Plate once during a class because I had too many tabs closed and I forced it through a little ways.  It wouldn’t go any further so we had to back it out.  I will admit that some things do make you use your muscles and they go through just fine.  Just be careful.  Use one less tab if you need to.

Carefully check if your card stock cut properly when using a Crease Pad with a Bigz Die that has Score Lines.  If you carefully check to make sure it cut properly (Hold down the cut out part and gently pull up the outside part.) you can add a shim under that part and recut the same piece of card stock and get good results.

Clean your stamps properly before putting them away.  I have used stamps that were put away but hadn’t been cleaned properly and they stamped in the weirdest color that looked horrible on my project so I had to be creative so I wouldn’t have to remake the whole thing.

Straighten up your work area after each project!  During my Stamp Classes I am moving Paper Trimmers, Simply Scored, Punches, and things they aren’t using to help them keep their work area big enough to do their project easily.  Who wants to volunteer to do this for me?  I end up working in a 6″ square space sometimes.  I need to make me a little sign to remind me.

I hope these help you!

Happy Stamping!

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