Stamp Perfect Images

Would you like to Stamp Perfect Images Every Time?  This simple technique works with all types of stamps and all kinds of ink pads.

This Video is almost 7 minutes long.


Choose your stamp(s):  Rubber: Wood Mount, Clear-Mount, or Cling; or  Photopolymer
Choose your ink pad(s)  Foam or felt
Cardstock or paper
Stampin’ Pierce Mat #126199 for use with Photopolymer Stamps


1.  Wood Mount stamps are ready to use as they are already on a block.  Clear and Cling Mount Rubber stamps need to be put on a block so you can use them.  If you want them perfectly lined up on your stamp block lay them on grid paper, then put the block on them.

2.  Ink up your stamps correctly to stamp perfect images every time.
~Foam ink pads:  Lightly pat the stamp on the ink pad.  You do not want any ink except on the part you want to stamp on your cardstock.
~Felt ink pads:  Gently rub your stamp in circles over the ink pad OR rub the ink pad in circles over your stamp.  Keep the ink pad flat so the ink only goes on the part of the stamp you want.

3.  Stamp straight down, count to 5, then pull the stamp straight up.  This is the MOST important way to stamp perfect images every time!  Do NOT tilt or roll your stamp block as your image will appear darker in spots or if there is ink on the stamp around the edges you will get a ring-around-the-rubber stamped image.

Check out videos on how to use the New Style Ink Pads and the older Style Ink Pads.

Here is the finished card.
Perfect stamping cardStamps:  Meant to Be  Cling Rubber #148626
Amazing Life  Photopolymer #148750
Inks:  Lovely Lipstick
Garden Green
Cardstock:  Whisper White  4″ x 5-1/4″
Garden Green  5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.  Score & fold at 4-1/4″
Adhesive:  SNAIL

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Q&A about Stamps

I had a question from a new customer about stamps.  She had ordered “Clear Mount” stamps and thought they would be see-through.  So let me explain a bit about Stampin’ Up! stamps.

Wood Mount Stamps in CaseWood Mount Stamps:
~Red Rubber stamps.
~Come in the thicker Full Wide Stamp Cases (7-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ x 1-1/4″) and Half Wide Stamp Cases (5-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ x 1-1/4″)
~You need to attach them to the wood block that is included.  I generally lay out all the large and medium stamps on the wood blocks to make sure I will be putting them on the block that fits best.  Peel off the paper backing from the stamp and put the stamp on your block.  Now put the clear sticker on the block in the same position you put the stamp.
~Sometimes the blocks fit really tight into the stamp case.  When that is the case, (I-meaning my helper Kiev) cuts a piece of printer paper the size of the bottom and stamps where each stamp goes.  This way I can get all the blocks back into the stamp case.  See photo above.  This side of the case is usually clear.  I (meaning Kiev) added the printer paper and stamped on it so I can get the stamps quickly put away.

Clear Mount Stamps in CaseClear Mount Stamps:
~Red Rubber stamps.
~Come in the thinner Clear-Mount Stamp Cases ( 7-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ )
~Require Clear Blocks in order to stamp.
~Watch this video on how to assemble them.
~Some people have trouble with the stamps and cut part around the edge of the sticker so some of the grey foam stick out.  They say this way they can have the sticker on and the advantage of the foam sticking.  I personally have only had problems with the super small stamps sticking.  I just put either Tombow Glue on the sticker and let it dry overnight, or a 1/4″ strip of SNAIL adhesive.  They will then stick fine.
~If your blocks are clean and the sticker on your stamp is clean, the stamp should stay stuck to the block.

Photopolymer Stamps in CastPhotopolymer Stamps:
~Clear (see-through) Photopolymer stamps
~Can come in either the Clear-Mount Stamp Cases or the Full Wide Stamp Cases depending on how many stamps are included.  Most come in the Clear Mount Stamp Cases.
~Require Clear Blocks in order to stamp.
~Larger images stamp better if you have a Stampin’ Pierce Mat under your cardstock.
~Great for Two-Step stamping and word placement!
~Sometimes stain-usually red.  This does not affect the quality of the stamped image or the stamps.  The staining also helps make the stamps easier to find.

Cleaning Stamps:
~Use the Stampin’ Scrub and Stampin’ Mist to clean ALL your stamps.
~A NOTE about using Baby Wipes.  Some baby wipes will stain your Photopolymer stamps.  They may damage your red rubber stamps over time.  Baby wipes transfer ink to your fingers which can leave ink on your projects.  I do occasionally use baby wipes.  But clean all these stamps with Stampin’ Mist later to remove the damaging residue left on your stamps.

Which type of stamps are my personal favorite?
It depends…..  I like them all, but for different reasons.
~I like wood mount stamps for beginning stampers and for children to use.  I also don’t need to take the time to attach it to a clear block as it is already attached to a wood block.  I really do enjoy putting stamps on wood blocks.
~I like clean mount stamps because they take up less space on my shelves.  They also work well with my NEW Stamparatus!
~I like Photopolymer stamps for words, alphabets, and two step stamps.  I like being able to see exactly where I am stamping.  You can also bend some of the word stamps to fit inside a shaped banner stamp.  These also work well with my NEW Stamparatus!

Hope this helps answer your questions about the different kinds of stamps that Stampin’ Up! carries.