Coloring Ribbon Video

Coloring Ribbon is a quick & easy technique.  You can get a custom Ribbon Color for your project when you need to.

This Video is 7 minutes long exactly.


Ribbon of your choice
Stampin’ Write Marker color of your choice
Stampin’ Blends Marker color of your choice
Ink Pad color of your choice
Silicone Craft Sheet or something that will protect your surface


Whisper White Flax Ribbon #148764
Whisper White Classic Weave Ribbon #144159
All My Love Ribbon Combo Pack #148584
Lovely Lipstick Stampin’ Pad #147140
Lovely Lipstick  Stampin’  Write Marker
Lovely Lipstick  Dark Stampin’ Blends Marker #147028


1.  You might want to practice on a small piece of ribbon before you color it for your project.  This will help you see the color you get. You can adjust the color in case it does not turn out the color you want.  Also, check to see if you need to color just one side or both sides.

2.  Markers in general.  The color will get darker the more you color it.  Check your sample to see if you need/want to color both sides of the ribbon.

3.  Color with the side of your brush tip NOT the tip.  You will damage the tip if you color ribbon with it.  It will also take longer to color the ribbon with the thin surface of the Tip.

4.  Stampin’ Write Markers.  These markers color rather smoothly.   The ink spreads slightly and blends easily.

5.  Stampin’ Blends Markers.  These markers color really smoothly.  They also saturate the ribbon faster with ink.

Watch this Video if your ink pad or Stampin’ Write Markers need to be reinked.  Stampin’ Blends Markers cannot be reinked.

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