August Paper Pumpkin Cards

I Love Paper Pumpkin Kits like this when I have a lot going on.  I can quickly make beautiful cards in just a few minutes.  I used the Baker’s Twine differently than shown in the directions as I am not very good at getting Twine to stay in place under labels.  I only used what was in the Kit except for Memento Black ink on the envelope.

August 2018 Paper Pumpkin Card1.  Choose the card base that has white around the edges.
2.  Stamp your sentiment on the small narrow Label in Blackberry Bliss ink.  Attach two small Vellum Leaves at opposite corners on the back with Glue Dots.  Attach Label to card front with Stampin’ Dimensionals.
3.  Tie your Baker’s Twine in a bot close to the fold.
Your Card is finished

CARD 2-YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY CARD INSTRUCTIONS:1. Choose the card base with white in the center.
2.  Choose a large Label.  Stamp your sentiment and optional smaller images in Blackberry Bliss ink.  Tie a piece of Baker’s Twine around the Label with the bow over to one side.  Attach three Vellum leaves of different sizes along the top back of the Label with Glue Dots.  Attach Label to the card base with Stampin’ Dimensionals.
Your Card is finished.

August 2018 Paper Pumpkin Envelope1. Stamp a Flower in the bottom left corner in Blackberry Bliss ink.  Stamp the flower center in Memento Black ink.  The flower in the upper right corner shows the flower enlarged so you can see more detail.

You can get either a Prepaid Paper Pumpkin Subscription or a Monthly Paper Pumpkin Subscription and have some creative fun with all the cutting done for you.  Each Kit includes all the supplies you need to complete the projects and usually has pieces left over to use on other projects.  You get a Stamp Block with your first kit.  You can choose to follow the instructions OR have fun making your own projects with the Kit supplies.  I usually do one of each thing following the directions, then have fun with the rest – usually with my grandchildren.


March Paper Pumpkin

I LOVED the March 5th Anniversary Paper Pumpkin Kit!  I will admit it did take me a bit to figue out where all the parts went.  The die cuts were nicely labeled, but the directions did not tell me where they all went.  Anyway, my creative juices got going and I had fun making these cards and decorative envelopes.  I really liked the HUGE amount of Stampin’ Dimensionals that came with the Kit.  I can use lots and still have plenty to finish all the cards!
March Paper Pumpkin cards

March Paper Pumpkin cardsI used the supplies that came in the kit along with scissors, a ruler, and SNAIL adhesive.  There is a ruler printed on the instructions, but I usually forget about it……

NOTES: Things I figured out AFTER making my cards.
1.  The line  divides what goes on each card set.  The larger top section is for the Pink card front on the Crumb Cake card base AND the Envelope with the swirls.
2.  The die cuts on the smaller lower section are all used on the Crumb Cake Rose Print card front and Fresh Fig card base AND the Rose Envelope.
3.  Did your ribbon come out wrinkled?  Just put SNAIL on the back to attach it and you won’t see any wrinkles.  I did figure this out while I was making the cards.  I used SNAIL to attach all the ribbon.  I was really not in the mood to iron all the ribbon as I was making these in the evening while watching TV with my DH and son.
4.  Each month Stampin’ Up! posts a short video on how to assemble the kit on  I always forget to watch it before I make the cards.  Although the video does move pretty quickly, you get the general idea of how to make the cards more than from the printed instructions…. in my opinion.


1.  Punch out the die cuts from the larger top half:
~Leaf A and Leaf B
~Pink and gold flowers
~Also the filigree Tag from the Tag sheet
2.  Stamp the flourish in Early Espresso ink in each corner.
3.  Cut two pieces of ribbon at 3-1/4″.  Hold together and trim the ends at an angle.  Lay on card front to determine position.  Place SNAIL on the back of the ribbon and attach to card front.  This will take the wrinkels out.
4.  Attach all the pieces:
I just used Stampin’ Dimensionals on all the die cuts.  You can use Glue Dots where one die cut lays on top of another die cut if you want.
~Stamp the desired sentiment on the filigree Tag.  Attach to your Pink Card Front with Stampin’ Dimensionals over the ribbon.
~Attach Leaf A towards the bottom of the Tag as shown.
~Next add the Gold Flower, then the Pink Flower on top.
~Attach the small Leaf B behind the Pink Flower.  (I did not do this and used this leaf on the other card because I had not figured things out yet.)
~Attach the Pink Card Front to the Crumb Cake card base with Dimensionals.

1.  Get the Envelope with the Swirls pring.
2.  Punch out the large flower die cut.  Attach to the Swirls Envelope with Stampin’ Dimensionals.  Yes, use lots around the edges with a few in the center.  I should have taken a picture, but didn’t think about it.
3.  Cut  Ribbon at 3-1/2″ and trim ends as desired.  Attach to envelope with SNAIL.
4.  Punch out the Label B from the top half.  Stamp Happy Birthday.  Put Dimensionals on the back.  Attach over Ribbon.
5.  Punch out the holes in the bake of the envelope:  one will almost halfway down the back, the other on the envelope flap.
~Punch out the Green circles and the holes.  Put a brad through the Circle Hole and put the brad tabs through the envelope hole.  Hold the brad with your fingernails underneath the brad top, then spread the brad tabs.  Repeat with second brad and Geen Circle.  Tie the Thread around the brad on the envelope.  Trim end.  Wrap thread around both brads a few times.  Cut end when you like the look.  There is no measurement given in the directions.

1.  Get the Crumb Cake Rose Print card front.
2.  Attach the pink strip about 1/2″ from the card front bottom edge.  Attach the yellow strp next to the pink strip.  Trim edges.
3,  Stamp the sentiment on the Large Label B.  Punch out the holes.  Tie a large Baker’s Twine bow in each hole.  (I am not good with the rumpled Baker’s Twine look.  You can do that if you want as per the instructions that came with the Kit.)  Put 3-4 Stampin’ Dimensionals on the back.
4.  Now get Leaf A and Leaf B from the bottom half.  (Note: I used the small Leaf B from the top half on my card so yours will look different.)  I put Dimensionals on the back of them.  I thin attached them to the Dimensionals on the back of the Large Label B.  I then attached them to the card front.
5.  Attach the completed card front to the Fresh Fig card base with Stampin’ Dimensionals.

1.  Get the Rose Envelope.
2.  Cut your Ribbon about 3″.  Attach to envelope with SNAIL.
3.  Punch out the Lower Label B.  Stamp with Hello.  Attach Stampin’ Dimensionals to the back.  Attach over Ribbon.
4.  Punch out the holes in the bake of the envelope:  one will almost halfway down the back, the other on the envelope flap.
~Punch out the Fresh Fig circles and the holes.  Put a brad through the Circle Hole and put the brad tabs through the envelope hole.  Hold the brad with your fingernails underneath the brad top, then spread the brad tabs.  Repeat with second brad and Geen Circle.  Tie the Thread around the brad on the envelope.  Trim end.  Wrap thread around both brads a few times.  Cut end when you like the look.  There is no measurement given in the directions.

Wahoo you have finished one set of cards!!  You can finish the rest following the instructions above, or mix up the die cuts to get different looks.  You could even use your own cardstock to put the die cuts on to make stamdard size cards.  Have LOTS OF FUN with this Kit!

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December Paper Pumpkin Kit

I made my December Paper Pumpkin Kit within a couple of days of getting it!!!  First time in a long time.  I did just follow the directions.  In 2018 I hope to post the “By the Directions” and an alternative project using the Paper Pumpkin Kit each month.
December Paper Pumpkin card #1December Paper Pumpkin card #2

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What do I need to do to Subscribe or get my Prepaid Kits?
You will need to set up an account for both Prepaid Kits and a Monthly Subscription.  Watch this short video to show you how.  Both the links above should automatically list me to be your Demonstrator.

What is included in the Kits?
~All the supplies to make the projects in the kit.  December’s Kit included a 1″ ink pad, Photopolymer stamps, Glue Dots, card bases, envelopes,Baker’s Twine, cardstock and die cuts to make the eight cards – 4 each of 2 designs.
~Your first Kit will include a stamp block.
~Each month’s Kit always includes one or two 1″ ink pads and stamps.
~Most kits’ projects are cards.
~Some past kits have included:  a mini scrapbook/journal, home decor wreath, gift bags, and treat bags.

What else will I need to make the projects?
~Basic Tools: Bone Folder, scissors
~I also use the regular Stampin’ Up! Glue Dots and Fast Fuse or SNAIL adhesives.
~The Kit Glue Dots come as little circles covered with white or patterned paper on a clear sheet.  I am not very coordinated in using them.  My grandchildren do fine with them.

What ages can use Paper Pumpkin Kits?
~I have made these Kits with my grandchildren as young as 3 years old.  Plan on supervising and helping the younger children.  I usually bring a Kit with when I visit my daughter and her family in New Hampshire.  I did forget one time….. My 8 year old grandson asked what craft I brough for them to make.  He was disappointed I did not bring one.  🙁

Happy Paper Pumpkin Crafting!

February Paper Pumpkin Card 3

This is the last Paper Pumpkin card for the February 2016 Kit. This card uses the same flower stamps as the last one.  I repositioned them on the block and used Lost Lagoon ink.  The gold outlined flower, the green leaf, and the Pool Party flower are self-adhesive die cuts from the Kit.  There are several cards in each design and plenty of die cuts to use.  There is also a cute envelope for each card.

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See the other 2 sample cards and learn more details about Paper Pumpkin:
Monday’s Post
Wednesday’s Post
Feb2016 Paper Pumpkin Cards-003

Happy Paper Pumpkin!
Nendy Kerr

February 2016 Paper Pumpkin Card 2

Here is the 2nd card I made from the February 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit.  The Kit does come with some basic instructions which you can follow if you want to.  I partially followed the instructions for this card.  I added some stamping using two of the Flower Stamps that came in the Kit.  I also used Elegant Eggplant ink instead of the Blackberry Bliss ink that came with the Kit.  The outlined flower and leaves and the solid Pool Party flower are self-adhesive die cuts included with the kit.
February 2016 Paper Pumpkin card

Each month as a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber, both Month-to-Month AND Prepaid Subscriber, you will receive and email with links to:

The Project Video for the month (about 3 minutes long demonstrating all three cards).  This is nice to watch if you need some visual basic instructions.

The Stampin’ Up! Blog Post which shows the full Stamp Set included, all the cards made up, and the cute envelopes, plus a photo of each card.

There is also a link to get a Refill Kit.  What is the difference between an extra Kit and a Refill Kit?
~The Kit comes with everything your original kit came with including the stamps and the 1″ ink pad called a Stampin’ Spot.
~The Refill Kit does not include the stamps or the Stampin’ Spot ink pad.  It does include everything else needed to make the projects.

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2016 SAB-003

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Happy Paper Pumpkin!
Nendy Kerr

February 2016 Paper Pumpkin-Flower Birthday Card

February 2016 Paper Pumpkin cardThis week I will be posting the cards from the February 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit.  You can get YOUR OWN monthly crafting surprise in the mail!  You can get a Month-to Month Subscription OR a Prepaid Subscription.  Until March 31, 2016 you can get a discount on a Prepaid 3 Month Subscription at a discount AND choose 1 Sale-a-bration product!

The card above is made with the printed card base, the Happy Birthday stamp, banner, and ink pad that came with the Kit.  I added the 1″ x 3-1/2″ Blackberry Bliss banner and hand cut the notched ends.  I also added some Dimensionals on the Banner.  This card took about 2 minutes to make.  Glue Dots are included with the Kit, but I was in the mood to use Stampin’ Dimensionals.
Give Paper Pumpkin a try.
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Wahoo! Paper Pumpkin Cards for September 2013 & Pop n’ Place Tags

Here are the four cards I made with my last Paper Pumpkin Kit.  I used only the supplies in the Kit as Dimensionals were included. If you sign up by the 10th you can receive your My Paper Pumpkin Welcome Kit at the end of this month.  This is a subscription service which costs $19.95 plus tax (where applicable) per month.  You can skip a month if you need to.  You can also cancel any time.  You just need to go to your account by the 10th of the month to skip that month or cancel.
My Paper Pumpkin-Wahoo Kit for September 2013

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Happy Stamping!