March Paper Pumpkin

I got my March Paper Pumpkin Kit Tuesday night. When making the two cards I kind of tweaked them a little. Popup Cards are so fun to send to people! These are fun to make and pretty easy too. I had an intensive Class Wednesday that required a LOT of prep. So, you are getting the post today.

March Paper Pumpkin Card 1 closes
March Paper Pumpkin Card 1 open

March Paper Pumpkin Card 2 closed
March Paper Pumpkin Card 2 open


March Paper Pumpkin Kit
I used my own SNAIL and Stampin’ Dimensionals
I also used a Poppy Parade Stampin’ Write Marker to color the edges of the Banners


*1. Sort through your Kit to find all the different parts available. Notice the wonderful Number Stamp set and the Kit Stamp set.

*2a.  Get your card centers with the Popup Cakes and Presents. Fold the center score lines and the outside of the cakes score lines as shown. Fold the whole thing in half and rub your Bone Folder over the whole thing. I found this really helps when making popup cards.
~The Candles come in a group of six. Fold the first group in half lining up the candles. Peel of the adhesive and stick the candles behind the bottom cake matching the fold lines.
~Cut the next group of candles into a set of 4 and a set of 2. As before, fold each group in half lining up the candles. Stick the group of 3 candles behind the center cake matching up the fold line. The group of 2 candles goes behind the top cake.

2b. Now to add bows to the card inside with the Popup Gifts. Attach the Bows with Mini Stampin’ Dimensionals to the gifts. You can also stamp and/or write your sentiments now if desired.

*3. Stamp a sentiment if desired. Write on the card inside now if desired.

4. Attach the card inside to the card base one side at a time.
Watch this Video if you want more instructions on Popup Cards.
~Fold the card inside in half. I used SNAIL, but Tombow Glue works well also. Put the Adhesive around the top back, side back, and bottom back. With the top and bottom put the adhesive all the way to the fold line. I also put some adhesive along the sides of the cakes.
~Line up the center fold lines centering the card inside so the top and bottom are about even. It is hard to get them completely even. Just make sure the fold lines match. Attach this side to the card base.

~Now put adhesive on the back of the other side. You have a couple of options when attaching it:
~Option 1: Fold the card base over the card inside. Rub both sides of the folded card base with your Bone Folder.
~Option 2: Open your card base so it lays flat. Attach your card inside. Fold your card in half and rub the folded card base with your Bone Folder.
~Rubbing the outside of your folded card base helps the adhesive stick well and creases all the fold lines.
Whew! The hard part is finished.

5. Stamp the Banners as shown or however you want. I also colored the edges of both with a Poppy Parade Marker.

6. Now to finish your card fronts.
~Polka Dot Card Front: Attach the striped paper across the card front. Mine is 1-1/4″ from the top edge. Attach the desired Banner with Stampin’ Dimensionals.
~Gray Striped Card Front: Stamp the swirls and confetti as desired. I got a little carried away. Attach your desired Banner with Stampin’ Dimensionals.
You have finished two of your cards. Now to have fun playing with the rest of the cards!

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