NEW Storage by Stampin’ Up!

Use the NEW Storage by Stampin’ Up! to help get and keep your Stamping and craft supplies neat and easy to find. You can buy just a few at a time to fit your budget or get as much as you need all at once. It is your choice.

Storage Parts

Here is a list of the parts and what comes in each package.

Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays #149168 $14. These include FIVE Trays. Each tray holds one NEW style ink pad and one Marker or Watercolor Pencil. You will need one set for every five ink pads you want to store.
NOTE: You might try stacking your OLD style ink pads in the Open Storage Cube listed below.

Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays #149169 $14. Stampin’ Blends Stroage Trays include FIVE Trays. Each tray holds six Stampin’ Blends Markers. One set will hold 30 Stampin’ Blends Markers.

*Storage Topper #149170 $5. The Open Storage Topper holds up to 20 Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills. This is more than enough for each color collection and serves as a topper for each storage tray stack.

Open Storage Cube #149171 $10. The Open Storage Cube includes one Open Storage Cube and is the same height as five stacked Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays-or five Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays.
NOTE: You can use this cube to store a variety of things:
~Other size ink pads such as Old Style, Memento Black, VersaMark, and StazOn ink pads
~I think the cute box things in the video are Half-size Wood Mount cases.
~Other crafting supplies that fit

*Storage Lid #149167 $3. The Storage Lid securely covers a stack of storage trays and provides a clean, flat surface for stacked storage or decor.

*Each stack will need to be topped with either a Storage Lid or Storage Topper.

More Details about Storage by Stampin’ Up!

Click the picture to see the pdf.

Storage by Stampin' Up! Flyer
Storage by Stampin' Up! Configuration Ideas

So enjoy getting organized using Storage by Stampin’ Up! available TODAY in My Online Store.

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