Catalog Transition is Tomorrow! What you need to know.

Tomorrow will be the first time you have been able to buy from FOUR Stampin’ Up! Catalogs on the same day!  This should be happening in all countries where Stampin’ Up! is located!  Pretty exciting!


2014-2015 Annual Catalog, Celebrando Creatividad, and Occasions Catalogs.


Items in these catalogs are only available while supplies last.
June 2nd.  The prices will be the same as listed in these catalogs for June 2nd (the last day).
~the Celebrando Creatividad will no longer be available after today.  Not enough people were buying the Spanish stamps.
June 3rd.  Any items carried over into the NEW Catalog will be at the NEW Catalog prices.  Any items NOT carried over will no longer be available.

2015-2016 Annual Catalog

June 2nd.  We can now order from this NEW Catalog starting about 2:00 am Utah time!
~I will post a PDF of the Catalog today.  Check the Current Catalogs Tab above.
~Place an order with me to get YOUR OWN copy of this catalog.  You will need to UNCHECK the “No Contact” box when placing your ONLINE order.  You can also order from me directly if you are local.
~If you have a copy you will notice that most prices are even dollar amounts.  The few that are not even dollar amounts are in 25 cent increments.
~Also some prices such as Ink Pads and the Big Shot have been raised due to increased costs from the suppliers.  SO if you want them at the old prices June 2nd is the last day!  Tomorrow they go up.
June 3rd.  All prices will be as printed in this catalog.

My Digital Studio

MDS Download
My Digital Studio is no longer being supported.  See THIS BLOG POST for options and full details.
June 2nd.  Today is the last day to order downloads.
June 9th.  Last day to download your purchased content and save “For Other Applications.” will NOT be available after today either.

Happy Transition Days!
Nendy Kerr

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