Guest Crafter-My Sister: Body Moldings/Life size body sculptures

I am still in California helping my parents.  My Dad is home now and needs lots of help and care.

My Sister lives close by.  She attended a series of classes in Scotland and now does body castings/moldings.  I thought that since I am not up to crafting right now, I would share her creative talents.  She lives in Southern California and is open for appointments.  She is also willing to travel.  Contact her for more information at  Her name is Cynthia.

Here is some of her work showing part of the process.  Yes, this was made using live people.  It does not hurt.  I will post a couple more of her projects in the future.
Finished product.
Three Hands

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2 Responses to Guest Crafter-My Sister: Body Moldings/Life size body sculptures

  1. Drew says:

    I highly recommend Cynthia, she’s very up & coming, as well as highly talented.

    Body casting for Babies, kids and adults are long lasting treasured pieces of works, babies grow so fast so don’t miss the chance to get castings of their little hands & Feet.

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