Dynamic Embossing Folder Video

Do you have any Thick Dynamic Embossing Folders?  Are your results not quite as “Dynamic” as you had hoped?  Watch this video and discover the simple trick to get more “Dynamic” results.

This Video is 3 minutes 15 seconds long.

Whisper White cardstock or cardstock color of your choice
Stampin’ Spritzer #126185
Water from your sink tap
Big Shot:
  Cable Knit Dynamic embossing Folder #143537

1.  Fill your Stampin’ Spritzer with Water.
2.  Only give 4-5 spritzes with your Stampin’ Spritzer.
3.  Use a Stampin’ Spritzer rather than a normal spray bottle.  The Spray Bottle will get the cardstock too wet making it curl as it drys. This will also make it harder lay flat when you attach it to your card.

Using Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets with Thinlits

I have had some questions about using Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets with die cuts.  In this video, I show you how to use Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets with detailed Thinlits.  The process is the same when using these Adhesive Sheets with Framelits.  This process turns whatever you are cutting out into stickers.

This Video is 7 minutes 12 seconds long.

Big Shot:  May Flowers Thinlits #140276
Big Shot Die Brush #144262
Adhesive:  Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets #144106
Cardstock:  Highland Heather
Gorgeous Grape

1.  Figure out how much cardstock you need by laying out what you want to die cut on a piece of cardstock.  Measure how wide and how long the cardstock needs to be.  Cut to size if desired.  Cut your Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet the size needed.
2.  Rub the word side of the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet with your Bone Folder.  Use the cut line at the edge to help you pull the word sheet off the adhesive and backing.  If the cut line is not there, use your fingernail at the corner to help separate the word sheet from the adhesive and backing.
3.  Attach the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet to the back of your cardstock.
4.  Lay out the dies on the cardstock with the adhesive sheet on the bottom.  Cut.  I usually go back and forth four times.  Pull out both cutting plates and flip over so you can see how well your Thinlit was cut.  If necessary, cut again with the bottom facing up this time.
5.  Lay out your die cut on your card front to determine where to put it.  Remove the white Adhesive Backing and stick to the card front.  You can rub your Bone Folder over the die cut to make sure it sticks well.

You can get your Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets and a variety of Thinlits & Framelits Dies from My Online Store.

Laser-Cut DSP Card Video

The Delightfully Designed Laser Cut Specialty Paper is beautiful and makes wonderfully easy, yet stunning cards!  This video will show you how to attach this paper to cardstock.

This Video is 8 minutes long

Delightfully Designed Laser Cut Specialty Paper #146907
Cardstock in the color of your choice
Tombow Glue
Two Silicone Craft Sheets #127853

1.  Lay your Laser Cut Paper on one Silicone Craft Sheet when you apply your Glue.  Move it to the other Silicone Craft Sheet to attach it to cardstock.  Otherwise glue gets on the top of your Laser Cut Paper and makes it stick to everything it touches.
2.  Use only very small dots of Glue on the back of your Laser Cut Paper to prevent it smooshing out and making a mess on your card front.

Get your Delightfully Designed Laser Cut Specialty Paper and other Card Making supplies from My Online Store.

Attaching Ribbons Video

Have you ever had a ribbon come unattached after attaching it to your card or project?  Watch this video to learn an easy way to attach ribbons and help your ribbon stay where you put it!  Grab some ribbons, SNAIL, and Glue Dots and a project to attach the ribbon to.

This video is almost 9 minutes long.

Rich Razzleberry 1/4″ Velvet Ribbon #147016
5/8″ Polka Dot Tulle Ribbon  Whisper White #146912, Very Vanilla #147629
Black 1/8″ Cord #146350

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Paper Elephant for the Kids to make

I am sure you have probably seen the person blowing the Paper Elephant’s Trunk on Facebook.  I was disappoinged there really were not any directions or measurements.  It took me about 30 minutes to figure it out.  So….Summer is here and the kids are home from school.  Here is an Elephant for them to make and play with.  The Template gives the general measurements, but they are only guidelines EXCEPT for the 5-1/2″ measurement at the bottom of the page which helps form the basic Elephant head shape.  The Kids can also turn the Elephant into imaginary animals if they want.  You can even give prizes for the most original, most realistic, best decorated, best coloring, Trunk moves the best, etc.
Elephant Head Front

Elephant Head Back

Elephant Head Side View

Two 8-1/2 ” x 11″ pieces of paper:  Printer paper or light-weight patterned paper works best especially for the trunk.
Scissors or paper trimmer
Simply Scored or Paper Trimmer with scoring blade
Tombow Glue
Tear & Tape Adhesive
Markers, Colored Pencils, etc to decorate your Elephant.
Print 2 Page Template
Elephant Template Page 1

Elephant Template Page 2

1.  Choose your paper.
~You will need an 8-1/2″ x 11 piece for the head and a 4″ x 11″ piece for the Trunk and the straw holder.
~For the Elephant Head and Ears you can use any weight of paper.
~The paper for the Trunk should be light-weight similar to Printer Paper.  The lighter-weight the Trunk paper is, the easier it is to blow and have it move.  Let’s admit this is the fun part and the point of the whole Elephant.
Elephant Head
2.  On the 11″ edge of the paper make a mark in the center at 5-1/2″.  Or you can partially fold it in half and make a small creast in the center.
3.  Draw a line from the center mark at the bottom to each of the corners on the top edges.  Cut on those lines.
4. Fold up the bottom point to the back side of the Elephant.  Glue it down.
5.  Fold your Ears down from the top two corners.
6.  Color or decorate your Elephant Head.
Elephant Trunk
7.  Cut a 2″ x 11″ piece for the Trunk.  Roll it around a pencil leaving the last 2″ or so flat.  Look at the picture so the Trunk will curl the correct way.  Although you can experiment with positioning if you want.  Glue the top 2″ to the back of the Elephant Head on top of the Point you folded up and glued down.  Try to get it on straight so it will move better when you blow on it.
Straw Holder
8.  There are two ways you can make the straw Holder. Both are 2″ wide.  It si nice if the paper is cardstock weight or heavy printer paper.
~Flat.  This is the simplest, but the straw moves around more.  Cut a 2″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Measure it so it sticks out about 1/2″ past the bottom of the Elephant Head and onto the Trunk and ends at the top of the Head or a little below.   Put Tear & Tape on both the long edges.  Put the straw down the center of the back of the Elephant Head and put the paper over it.  Tape down one side, then with the straw down the center, tape down the other side.  Now blow through the straw and watch the Trunk move!
~Triangle.  Cut a 2″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Make Score lines down the 11″ length at 1/2″, 1″, 1-1/2″.  Fold the Score Lines.  Measure the length of your Elephant Head down the center back and about 1/2″ onto the Trunk.  Cut it off there.  Use Tear and Tape along one of the fold lines on the outside section.  Attach it to the other edge with the sections overlapping and forming a triangle.  Attach a strip of Tear & Tape along the back side of the Triangle (you choose which is the back side.)  Attach it down the center back of the Elephant Head sticking out about 1/2″ or so onto the Trunk.  Put the straw in the Triangle and blow to make the Elephant Trunk move.

Have Fun!! See how many different Paper Elephants you can make!

Stamp with Markers

Have you wondered how to get two or more different colors on your stamped image?  The Stamp with Markers Technique will give you great results every time!  This is an easy Technique to use with both Rubber and Photopolymer stamps.  Try it out today!  You can SHOP from the NEW Catalog TODAY!!

This Video is 9 minutes long.

Stampin’ Write Markers in your choice of colors
Stamps of your choice
Stamps Used in Video:
Flourishing Phrases  Wood Mount #141531, Clear Mount #141534
Love What You Do  Photopolymer #148042  Available TODAY!!
2018-2020 In Color Markers #147159  Available TODAY!!

1.  Use the larger Brush Tip of your Marker and color with the side NOT the tip.  If you color with the Marker Tip you will damage your Marker.
2.  When you are finished coloring your stamp, open you mouth wide and blow while moving the stamp in front of your mouth.  Do this 5-6 times to remoisten the ink.  (You can always pretend you are the Big Bad Wolf and are huffing and puffing to blow the house down.  Open wide!)
3.  The coloring process is the same for both Rubber and Photopolymer stamps.
4.  DO NOT use Stampin’ Blends to color your stamps as they will damage your stamps!!!!

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Truly Tailored Dapper Day card in honor of my Dad

This Truly Tailored Dapper Day Card is in honor of my Dad who passed away a year ago.  The label looks rather elaborate, but uses a simple Punch technique as shown in This Video.
Truly Tailored Dapper Day Card

Stamps:  Truly Taiilored  Wood Mount #145732, Clear Mount #145735
Ink:  Tranquil Tide
Cardstock:  Tranquil Tide
Very Vanilla
True Gentleman Designer Series Paper (DSP) (Retired)  Choose one you like and coordinating cardstock.
Punch:  Tailored Tag #145667
Ribbon:5/8″ Burlap #141487
Adhesives:  SNAIL
Stampin’ Dimensionals
Mini Stampin’ Dimensionals

1.  Cut your Tranquil Tide card base at 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.  Score and fold at 4-1/4″.
2.  Layered Tag.
Watch This Video to get the basic idea of how to layer the tags.  You will be adding one more layer.
~Punch your Tags:  Three in Tranquil Tide cardstock, Two in Very Vanilla cardstock.
~One Tranquil Tide Punch will be on the top of the layers.  Put SNAIL on the back.
~Take the Very Vanilla Tags.  Cut one in half lengthwise and the other in half width-wise.  Take a piece with the top point and attach it to the Tranquil Tide tag with SNAIL on the back trying to get the Very Vanilla to show evenly along the top of the Tranquil Tide Tag.  Repeat on the bottom side.  Attach more SNAIL to the back of the base tag.  Now attach a Very Vanilla end piece using your fingers to line up the sides.  Repeat with the other end piece tag.  You now have two layers.
~Repeat the Tag Layering process with the last two Trangil Tide Tags.  Cut one in half lengthwise and the other in half width-wise.  Put SNAIL on the back of the layered Tag.  Attach the pointed part to the top and bottom., then the end parts.  Wahoo!  Your basic Tag is layered!
~Stamp Wishing You a Dapper Day on Very Vanilla cardstock in Tranquil Tide ink.  Cut apart as shown.  Attach to the Layered Tag with Stampin’ Dimensionals and Mini Stampin’ Dimensionals.
3.  Measure your Layered Tag to see if you need to adjust this measurement:  Cut your Very Vanilla rectangle at 2-1/4″ x 3″.  You will use this to mount your layered tag on.  Attach your Layered Tag.
4.  Cut your DSP at 4″ x 5-1/4..  Lay your Layered Tag and Burlap Ribbon on top.  Attach your Tag.  Cut your Burlap about 4-1/2″ long.  Run SNAIL along both sides of the back of the Burlap.  Attach to DSP.  Trim excess.  Attach DSP to card front.
Your Card is finished.

Daisy Card

This Daisy card is easy to make and it is easy to get a 3D look for the Daisy on the Card.  The stamp set and Punch are available at 10% savings as a bundle until May 31st, 2018.

This Video is 8-1/2 minutes long.

Bundle #145361:  Daisy Delight Photopolymer stamp set + Daisy Punch
Stamps: Daisy Delight Photopolymer #143669
Ink:  Daffodil Delight
Old Olive
Soft Suede
Cardstock:  Whisper White
Daffodil Delight
Old Olive
Big Shot:  Petal Pairs Embossing Folder #145656
Punch:  Daisy #143713
Adhesives:  Tombow Glue
Glue Dots
Stampin’ Dimensionals

1.  Hold each Daisy Petal about 1/4″ from the flower center.  Curl with your Bone Folder to the tip of the Petal.  Do this for all Petals.  If you do it right, the flower will stand up like a spider.  (Luckily this isn’t creepy or crawly!)
2.  The easiest way to put the flowers together is to put Glue Dots behind the center of the top flower.  Light lay each of the Petals in the top flower so they are between the Petals on the bottom flower.  Whe they are positioned how you like them, press the flower centers together to attach them with the Glue Dots.

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Classic Label Punch: Shorter or Longer Video

Have you ever wished the Classic Label Punch came in a variety of lengths?  Well, your problem is solved-without spending any more money or using up more space for all the punches this would involve!  Follow the quick tips on this video to punch both Shorter AND Longer sentiments with your Standard size Classic Label Punch.  Enjoy using this Punch Technique on your cards.

This Video is 3 minutes 15 seconds long.

Stamp sets used:  Birthday Banners  Photopolymer #141506
Colorful Seasons  Photopolymer #143726
Ink:  Call Me Clover NEW In Color available June 1st.
Punch:  Classic Label #141491
NOTE: The Birthday Banner stamp I used was not  meant to be straight.  I pulled it straight as I put it on my stamp block.

1.  Cut your cardstock 3/8″ wide.  This is between the 1/4″ and the 1/2″ mark on your ruler or Paper Trimmer.  Leave it longer than you need it to be.  This extra length gives you something to hold on to.  If the length is too short, attach your 3/8″ cardstock to a Post-It Note so you have something to hole onto.
2.  You can put the strip in several ways:
~Stick it in through the top between the metal layers where the punching occurs.  Make sure the strip is lined up in the hole which will form the punched shape.
~Stick the strip in through the side.  Pull up the end that went in first.  Line up the other end with the pointed Punch hole.  Line up the strip so it is straight in the punch hole ditch.  Punch.
~Stick the Punched end in first, then line up the other end so it is where you want to punch.  Again, make sure the strip is lined up with the sides of the punch hole.  Punch
3.  The Classic Label is the perfect size for Mini Stampin’ Dimensionals.

Would you like to learn MORE Techniques?  Check out The Creative Technique Corner with 77 Techniques and two NEW Techniques added each month.

Coloring Your Embossing Folder Video

Would you like to add some color to your Embossing Folder image?  It is a quick technique.  Just watch the video to learn how easy it is to do.  After coloring on both the wide and narrow parts of this embossing folder, I like the look of the coloring on the narrow part the best.  Try coloring on both sides to see which you like best.

This Video is 13 minutes long.

Big Shot:  Lovely Floral Dynamic Embossing Folder #148048  (Available May1-31 as part of the Gotta Have it All Bundle #149526.  Available June 1st by itself.)
Markers:  Choose 1 for your Flower Color and a Green for your leaves.  I used Rich Razzleberry and Garden Green.

Scallop Rectangle-Watch this Video
Layer under Scallop Rectangle:  3″ x 1/4″ longer than your Scallop Rectangle or 5-1/4″.
2nd Layer under Scallop Rectangle  3-1/4″ x 1/2″ longer than your Scallop Rectangle OR 5-1/2″.
Card Base:  5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.  Score and fold at 4-1/4″.
Cardstock:  Whisper White for Scallop Rectangle
Rich Razzleberry
Garden Green
Scallop Rectangle Video

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Scallop Rectangle Video

Have you wished Stampin’ Up! made Scallop Rectangle Framelits?  You can make YOUR OWN Scallop Rectangles using your Layering Squares Framelits!  It is EASY!!  Watch this short video to learn how.

This Video is 4 minutes long.

Cardstock:  Whisper White or your choice
Big Shot:  Layering Squares Framelits #141708
Other:  Paper Snips

NOTE:  Use your Big Shot Platform with Thin Die Adapter (Or Multipurpose Platform with all tabs closed), and a top and bottom Cutting Plate to cut your Scallop Rectangle.
  Cut your cardstock at least 3-1/2″ wide and 1/4″ longer than you want your Rectangle.
2.  Put your Framelit on the cardstock close to the center of your Big Shot.
3. Make sure your cardstock and Scallop Square Framelit are lined up straight on your Big Shot Platform.
4.  Leave at least 1/16″ cardstock showing between the Cutting Plate and the inside edge of your Framelit.  Run through your Big Shot.
5.  Trim off excess cardstock beside Scallop cuts.
6.  Turn your Framelit upside down so you see the Scallop Cutting Edges.  Place your partially cut Scallop cardstock on the Framelit lining up at least 2 Scallops on each side depending on how long you want your Scallop Rectangle to be.
7.  Place Framelit and cardstock on Big Shot Platform and cutting plate with cardstock still lined up in the Framelit Scallops.  Make sure the cardstock is lined up straignt.  Cover the part of the cardstock you want cut with the top Cutting plate leaving a gap between the edge of the cutting plate and the inside edge of the Framelit.  Run through your Big Shot.  Take out your Scallop Rectangle and use on your project.

Would you like to learn more Techniques for using your paper crafting supplies?  Check out the Creative Techniques Corner.

Magical Day Castle Card

We made this fun Magical Day Castle Card at Stamp Class this month.  It was a favorite with everyone.  It is easy, but takes some time to put together.  Thank goodness for matching Thinlits to cut things out!
Magical Day Castle Card

*Bundle:  Magical Day rubber stamps + Magical Mates Framelits.  Wood Mount Bundle #145984, Clear Mount Bundle #145985
  *Magical Day  Wood Mount #145854, Clear Mount #145857
Ink:  Memento Black
Crumb Cake
Blends Markers:  Old Olive Combo Pack #144597
Smoky Slate Combo Pack #145058
Night of Navy Combo Pack #144040
Daffodil Delight Combo Pack #144603
Pumpkin Pie Dark #144577
Pink Pirouette Dark #144592
Rich Razzleberry Light #144584
Cardstock:  Whisper White
Sahara Sand
Basic Black
Old Olive
Big Shot:Magical Mates Framelits #145660  *
Brick Wall Embossing Folder #138288
Lots of Labels Framelits #138281
  Tombow Glue
Stampin’ Dimensionals
Tools:  Paper Snips
Stamp-a-ma-jig #101049

1.  Cut:
~Sahara Sand card base at 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.  Score and fold at 4-1/4″.
~Sahara Sand card front at 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″.
~Old Olive grass at 1/2″ x 5-1/2″
2.  Big Shot:
~Stamp your sentiment in Memento Black ink on Whisper White cardstock.  Cut your sentiment out with the coordinating Framelit.
~Cut out the shapes from Whisper White cardstock and a contrasting color cardstock (place them on top of each other and cut at the same time) for the Dragon, Knight, Mermaid, and flame.  That’s right, do not stamp them yet.
3. Stamp & Die Cut Technique-Watch the Video:
~Place your White die cuts in the shapes of the contrasting color cardstock shapes.  The contrasting color cardstock makes it easier to see exactly where you need to stamp.
~Get out your Stamp-a-ma-jig.  Stamp an image in each corner using the T-Handle and the imaging sheet.  Make sure and use Memento ink or Classic ink.  Archival or permanent ink will ruin your Imaging Sheet.
~Get out the stamp you want and ink it with Memento ink.  Line up the imaging sheet stamp with the cardstock shape.  Remove imaging sheet and stamp.  Repeat with the other die cuts.
4.  You can either leave the die cuts in the contrasting cardstock or remove them for coloring.  Put a sheet or two of paper underneath to protect your work surface from bleeding colors.  Color with Blends Markers.  Shade as desired by coloring some of the Dark Marker along one side, then color with the light Marker over the whole area until no line shows.
~Dragon-green parts:
-Chest & neck-Old Olive Light
-Chest scales-Old Olive Dark
~Head-two coats of Old Olive Light (watch out and don’t color the eye like I did)
~Dragon-Blue parts:
-Leg, hands, wing-Night of Navy Light
~Scales on back, tail, leg-Night of Navy Dark
~Armor, Helmet, Sword
-Use Smoky Slate Dark to color along the left side of the armor parts.
-Now color the armor parts with Smoky Slate Light swirling the Marker over the Dark part until it is blended in.
–Use Old Olive and Night of Navy Markers.
-Use Pumpkin Pie and Daffodil Delight Markers
Flame:  Use Daffodil Delight and Pumpkin Pie Markers
~Cut off the tail where it starts to curve up.
~Hair-I colored alternate strands with the Daffodil Delight Dark, then blended and finished coloring with the Daffodil Delight Light.
~I added the top and sleeves to her ‘dress’ with Rich Razzleberry Light.
~Pink Pirouette was used for the rest of the ‘dress’.
The coloring is done!
5.  Brick Wall
~Get your Brick Wall embossing folder.  Find the side where the brick dividers are raised (poke up).  Rub your Crumb Cake ink pad over the top of all those lines that poke up.  Let the ink pad also lightly cover parts of the ‘bricks’ so they will look more realistic and distressed.
~Put your Sahara Sand card front on the uninked side of the embossing folder and line it up how you want it.  Close the folder, holding the paper in place.  Now run through your Big Shot.  Open up and see your distressed bricks!
6.  Putting it all together.
~Glue your sentiment to Basic Black cardstock and cut out a mat for it.
~Look at your Brick card front and decide which will be the top and bottom.
~Glue your Old Olive grass to the bottom.
~Lay your Princess on the Black Label.  Cut off the Princess and the window where desired.  Now glue on your Princess since the pesky tail is gone.
~Lay out all your pieces and decide where you want them.
~Glue on the Dragon, Knight, Flame, and Princess in the window.
~Attach your sentiment with Stampin’ Dimensionals.
~Now glue your card front onto your card base.
Whew! Your card is finished!

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Magical Stamp & Die Cut Technique Video

Do you get frustrated after spending time stamping and coloring your image only to have the die slip in your Big Shot so your beautiful image is ruined?  Try out this Magical Stamp & Die Cut Technique!  You will be much happier with the results.  So grab your Stamp-a-ma-jig and test it out!  I have tried this with my Stampapratus, and it is easier to get great results with the Stamp-a-ma-jig.  The Castle Card with the images shown will be posted on Friday.

This video is 6-1/2 minutes long.

Stamp-a-ma-jig #101049
Magical Day:
Bundle=Stamps + Framelits:  Wood Mount Bundle #145984, Clear Mount Bundle #145985, Wood Mount Stamps #145854Clear Mount Stamps #145857Magical Mates Framelits #145660
  Cut your images from a piece of medium to darker colored cardstock to make you Template.  Colored cardstock shows the Whisper White images you will be stamping much better.
2.  Stamp on the smooth side of your Imaging Sheet.  Use ONLY Memento Tuxedo Black and Classic Stampin’ Pads.  Archival and StazOn inks will stain and damage your Imaging Sheet.
3.  Remember to position the Imaging Sheet right in the corner of the T-Handle with the sides also lined up.  Sometimes part of the Imaging Sheet may sneak under the T-Handle.  Make sure to correct this before you stamp.
4.  Put your stamp block (wood or clear) firmly in the corner of the T-Handle, lining up the sides.  Stamp straight down, then pull straight up to get a good image.  Your stamping on the Imaging Sheet does not have to be perfect.
5.  It helps to ink your stamp, lay it on the ink pad, then position your Imaging Sheet and your T-Handle over the Whisper White die cut.  Without moving the T-Handle, remove the Imaging Sheet, position your stamp in the T-Handle, then stamp straight down.  Smaller die cuts may stick to the stamp.  Just gently peel them off.

Get Your Stamp-a-ma-jig, Stamps, and Framelits from My Online Store.

Celebrate Gold Shaker Card

This is the Celebrate Gold Shaker Card I made for my birthday.  I really wanted to use the gold flakes and the gold Bundle of Love DSP.
Gold Heart Shaker Card Birthday

Cardstock:  Bundle of Love Specialty Designer Series Paper (DSP)#144143
Thick Very Vanilla
Elegant Eggplant
Window Sheet #142314
Big Shot:  Celebrate You Thinlits #146840
Sweetheart Embossing Folder #143705
Sweet & Sassy Framelits #141707
Embellishments:  Gold Glitter Flakes #146816
Adhesives:  Fast Fuse or SNAIL
Foam Adhesive Strips #141825
Tombow Glue

1.  Cut your Thick Very Vanilla card base at 5-12″ x 8-1/2″.  SCORE and fold at 4-1/4″.
2.  Cut your patterned paper at 4″ x 5-1/4″.  Run through your Big Shot with the Sweethear embossing folder.  Use the coordinating Sweet & Sassy Heart Framelit to cut out the center heart.  While at your Big Shot, cut out the Celebrate from Elegant Eggplant cardstock.  Glue onto the bottom of the DSP.
3.  Cut a Window Sheet at 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″.  Attach to the back of your DSP Heart cut out with SNAIL around all four sides.
4.  Attach Foam Adhesive Strips on the DSP back about 1/8″ from the edge of the Heart cut out.  Make sure there are NO gaps in the Foam Adhesive Strip otherwise the Gold Flakes will escape and get everywhere!  Also put the Foam Adhesive Strips around the edge of the card.
NOTE:  If you do not want the Gold Glitter Flakes to stick to the inside of the Foam Adhesive Strips,  either run your fingers along the adhesive sides or run your Embossing Buddy along the sides to remove the sticky there.  I personally like the Gold around the Heart edges so I didn’t do this.
5.  Lay your DSP on your card base to determine where to put your pile of Gold Glitter Flakes.  Remove the DSP.  Put your Gold Glitter Flakes on the card base in the center of where the Heart will cover.  Remove the Adhesive backing and put on your card base.  Press firmly.  Now you can “test” out to see if the Shaker Card works.  🙂
Your card is finished.
6.  Envelope options:  Use the Embossing folder on the envelope flap.

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January Stamp Class Cards

Here are the cards we made at my Stamp Class last Friday.  I am taking today off hanging out with my son who just returned from almost 8 years in Germany.

January Stamp Class Cards-1

The Tarnished Foil Technique Card is one of the projects I did for my Creative Techniques Corner subscribers.  Click HERE for more details.

The next card used the Love You Still and Banners for You stamp sets.  We did the coloring with the Blends Markers.

January Stamp Class cards 2

We tested out my NEW Stamparatus for both these cards.  You can order yours in June.

The Party Pandas looked best with 2-3 layers of ink which was super easy to do with the Stamparatus.  I also used the Color Theory Designer Series Paper for the Bamboo stalks and the leaves are from the Everyday Jars Framelits.

The Lovely Wishes card also used the Stamparatus.  We placed the two flower and leaf stamps on one side, then stamped, then rotated the card front and stamped again.  We also lined up the Happy Wishes stamps in the Stamparatus and stamped it.  We again colored with Blends Markers.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Happy Card Making!

Dynamic Embossed Envelope Video

You can send your Handmade card in a wonderful Dynamic Embossed Envelope, then the receiver will KNOW there is something special for them inside.  This is a quick and easy technique that will add a WOW to your envelope.

This Video is 2 minutes and 41 seconds long.

Choose an Envelope:
~Medium Whisper White #107301
~Whisper White 3″ x 3″  #145829
~Whisper White Note Cards & Envelopes  #131527
~Very Vanilla Medium Envelopes #107300
~Very Vanilla Note Cards & Envelopes  #144236
Big Shot  #143263  Comes with Big Shot Platform and Standard Cutting Pads/Plates.  Expensive, but it really is a wonderful tool that can add a lot of fun to your projects!
Choose a Dynamic Embossing Folder:
~Cable Knit #143537
~Hexagon #143231
~Layered Leaves #143704
~Pinewood Planks #143708
~Ruffled #143699

1.  Get out your Big Shot.
2.  Choose an envelope and a Dynamic Embossing Folder.
3.  Choose where to position your envelope flap.  Fold 1/8″ onto the front so your envelope flap will be embossed all the way to the original fold line.
4.  Sandwich for Dynamic Embossing Folders:
~Platform:  Big Shot Platform-remove Thin Die Adapter.  Multipurpose Platform-Open top tab
~Dynamic Embossing Folder with Envelope (or cardstock)
~Top Cutting pad/plate.  Skip the bottom cutting plate as it will make the sandwich too thick to put through your Big Shot.
5.  Run your envelope sandwich through your Big Shot.  Open and see how amazing your envelope flap looks!
6.  Refold the original fold line.  Insert card and give away or mail.

Want to make your envelopes Dynamic?  Get the supplies at My Online Store.

Cat Punch Video

The Cat Punch is very popular this Fall.  Here is a video with some tips on using it.

This Video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long.

Spooky Cat Stamps & Cat Punch Bundle #146014  (Save 10%)
Cat Punch #144666
Spooky Cat Photopolymer stamp set #144749
Spooky Night Designer Series Paper #144610

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Hexagon Happy Birthday Card

This Hexagon Happy Birthday Card is for my son-in-law’s birthday which is coming up!  He may even get it BEFORE his birthday!!  He is an Optical Engineer and will appreciate the dimensional look of the Hexagon embossing folder.  The “Ink on your Embossing Folder” Technique is a fun one to play with.  You can get different looks depending which side of the embossing folder you put the ink.
Hexagon Birthday Card

Stamps:  Window Shopping   Wood Mount #142920, Clear Mount #143265
Sweet Cupcake  Photopolymer #141498
Inks:  Dapper Denim
Tranquil Tide
Card Stock:  Tranquil Tide
Dapper Denim
Whisper White
Big Shot:  Hexagon Dynamic embossing folder #143231
Other:  2016-2018 In Color Glitter Acrylic Shapes  #144218
Pacific Point 1/4″ Stitched-Edge Ribbon  #144199
Tombow Glue
Stampin’ Dimensionals

1.  Cut your Dapper Denim card base at 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.  Score and fold at 4-1/4″.
2.  Cut your Tranquil Tide card front at 4″ x 5-1/4″.
~Open your Embossing Folder.  Feel the inside.  The side without the Sizzix and Stampin’ Up! logos is more flat.  Run your Dapper Denim ink pad over this side on the inside.  Place your Tranquil Tide card stock in the folder on the clean side.  Close your folder.
~Run through your Big Shot using the following sandwich:  Big Shot Platform (Or Multipurpose Platform with Tab 1 closed), Embossing Folder with card stock inside, cutting plate.  (Yes, only use a cutting plate on the top, otherwise the sandwich is too thick to go through your Big Shot.)
~Take your card stock out.
~Clean your embossing folder under running water.  Set aside to dry.
~Glue your Embossed and colored card front to your card base.
3.  Cut a piece of Whisper White at 2-1/2″ x 3-1/4″.
~Stamp in Dapper Denim ink using the words from the Window Shopping stamp set (leaving at least 1/4″ blank at the bottom for the ribbon) and the Sprinkles from the Sweet Cupcake stamp set.
~Cut your Ribbon at 3-1/4″ and glue to the bottom edge.
~Attach your Acrylic Star or other shape with Tombow Glue.
~Attach your Happy Birthday layer to the card front with Stampin’ Dimensionals.

Enjoy making this card for a variety of occasions and in a variety of colors.  Get all the supplies you need from My Online Store:  nendykerr.stampinup.net    Click Shop NOW.

Eastern Beauty Stamped Background Card

This card features a Stamped Background using the Eastern Beauty stamp set available May 1st as part of the Eastern Palace Starter and Premier Bundles.  You can choose any two or three stamps and the same number of ink colors to make your Stamped Background.  You can stamp in a pattern as shown.  Or stamp randomly with stamped images overlapping.
Eastern Beauty Stamped Background CardThe next few weeks will feature cards made with the Premier Bundle and a few other supplies I could fit in my suitcase as I am at my parents’ house helping out.  My Dad has been in the hospital and was moved to rehab last night.  Yes, I actually made this card this morning with not nearly enough sleep.  I think it turned out pretty well.

Stamps:  Eastern Beauty Photopolymer #143675
Inks:  Fresh Fig
Tranquil Tide
Lemon Lime Twist
Card Stock:  Thick Whisper White card base
Tranquil Tide from the Eastern Palace Card Stock Pack #144148
Whisper White
Punch:  Classic Label #141491
Other:  Stamping Sponge
Fast Fuse or SNAIL
Stampin’ Dimensionals

1.  Cut your card base at 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.  Score and fold at 4-1/4″.  I used Thick Whisper White to conserve my colored card stock.
2.  Cut your Tranquil Tide card front layer at 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″.  Attach to card base.
3.  Cut your Whisper White at 4″ x 5-1/4″.  Choose your Three stamps and three ink colors.  I used Tranquil Tide ink for the curvy square stamp, Fresh Fig for the larger flower stamp, and Lemon Lime Twist for the small center flower.
~Stamp your center stamp first-Curvy Square
~Now stamp your large Flower stamp on each side of the Curvy Square.
~Stamp the Curvy Square in the corners.
~Stamp the small flower in the center of the Curvy Squares and the large Flowers.
NOTE:  You can stamp your greeting in the center Curvy Square if desired.  I didn’t think about doing that until after I was finished stamping.
Your Background is finished.
4.  The stamp I used comes curved.  Straighten it out on a clear block, then stamp.  I used Tranquil Tide ink.
~Punch out with the Classic Label Punch.
~Sponge around the edges with Fresh Fig ink.
~Attach to card front with half Stampin’ Dimensionals.
NOTE:  I did not bring any sponges with me so I used some Kleenex wrapped around my finger to sponge the edges.  While this may seem cheaper, using a Kleenex instead of a sponge is harder to get the sponging effect I want.  The Kleenex also crumbles and removing the crumbles leaves ink smears.  Just so you know.  At least I remembered my Stamp Blocks this time.

You can get the Eastern Palace Bundles starting May 1st.

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