Butterfly Berry Basket

I just LOVE this Berry Basket Die and the Butterfly Thinlits and decided to use them together.  This is a pretty quick and easy project.  The hardest part is choosing the colors.
Butterfly Berry Basket

Card Stock:  Wisteria Wonder
Elegant Eggplant
You can also use Vanilla Coaster Board if you need a heavy-weight Basket.
Big Shot:  Berry Basket Bigz Die #137366
Butterflies Thinlits Dies #137360
Other:  Baker’s Twine
Sticky Strip Adhesive.  You can also use Tombow Glue and/or Staples

Note:  If you want to use Designer Series Paper I would recommend using either Tombow Glue or Transfer sheets to adhere it to either Card Stock OR Coaster Board.  
1.  Choose the card stock color for your Berry Basket.  I chose Wisteria Wonder.  Cut your card stock into two 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ pieces.
2.  Stack both pieces of card stock on top of your Berry Basket die.  Put a cutting plate under the die and one cutting plate on top of the card stock, then run through your Big Shot.
3.  Take the two large pieces and fold on the score lines.  Line them up so you will know where to put the Sticky Strip.  I put it next to the line punch outs as shown.  Notice how the pieces are folded.  You can also put the Sticky Strip along the top outside edges now.  You can also use Tombow Glue to attach the bottom pieces together.
4.  Make your Basket Top.  Decide which long pieces you will put around the top of your basket – the scalloped or the straight.  I used the scalloped pieces along the top of the basket and the straight one for the handle.  Take the pieces that will go along the top of the basket and fold the score lines.  Put a small piece of Sticky Strip on the small tabs and attach both pieces so they form a square.
Berry Basket Sticky Strip Placement5.  Now to attach your Basket to your Basket Top.  Lay your Basket flat so the outside is showing.  You can use either Sticky Strip or Tombow Glue OR Staples.  Make sure the Basket side is centered between the Basket Top score lines.
5a.  Sticky Strip.  Put Sticky Strip on the end of each Basket side so you can attach the Basket Top you made in Step 4.  Stand your Basket up. You can either have it upright or upside down when attaching the Basket top.  Choose the direction you think will be easiest.  I like upright, but others like upside down.  The results are the same.  Remove the Red lining on one side and attach it to your Basket making sure the tops align.  Now do the opposite side, the the other sides, one at a time.  Your basic Basket is done!
5b.  Tombow Glue.  Put a line of Tombow Glue along the first top edge.  Attach the Basket Top aligning the top edges.  You might want to use clothespins or paper clips to hold them together until they are dry.  Now do the opposite side the same way, then each of the remaining sides always making sure the tops align.
5c.  Staples.  Using staples to attach the pieces is the quickest and very trendy!  Center the Basket side on the Basket Top.  Staple at each corner of the Basket side.  Repeat with the remaining sides.
6.  Optional Basket Handle.  You can use an extra Basket Top part to make your Handle.  Attach with either a Brad (if you want it to move), or Sticky Strip, Tombow Glue, or Glue Dots.
7.  Decorate as desired.  I cut out two Elegant Eggplant Butterflies with the Thinlits and parchment paper.  Cut out just one Butterfly at a time.  I glued a 3″ piece of Baker’s Twine (about 1-2″ – 3/4″ Baker’s Twine on each Butterfly) connecting the two butterflies and waited a bit for it to dry.  Then I looped the Baker’s Twine and Butterflies over the handle and added a bit more Tombow Glue and glued the Butterflies together.  I held the Butterfly centers together for a few seconds and left them to dry.  When dry you can let them hang from any part of the handle.
8.  Fill as desired.  You can use a cello bag filled with goodies.  You can use crumpled tissue paper, Easter grass, or other light-weight filling and place the treats or gifts on top.  There are so many fun ways to fill this Berry Basket!

Happy Basket Making!
Nendy Kerr

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