Children’s Summer Crafting Ideas Part 2

Summer Fun!Here are some crafting ideas for Elementary Children and Teenagers.  Supervise and help your child while they are learning a new skill.  Then let them have fun!  (And clean up after themselves!!)

Elementary School ages.

~They can now learn to color and craft with a variety of supplies.
~They can also cut out Templates and patterns and put together things.  If you subscribe to my Newsletter you have access to a variety of Templates.
~Watercoloring with the children’s Watercolors and an AquaPainter takes the spills out of watercoloring.
~Stamping.  Teach them how to stamp and get a good image.  My grandson that lives in town was able to do this by age 4 because he was at my stamp classes and really wanted to learn.  I prefer teaching children to stamp with Wood Mount stamps.  Plan on your wood getting stained from the ink.  When they are first learning, give them a reminder on how to ink up the stamp and then press straight down and then straight up to get a good impression.  Also teach them to clean the stamps.  (Yes, I would usually clean them again after he left.  After a few months he did a good enough job by himself.)  I do have some stamp sets that are “Children’s stamps”.  I also just let them choose one color of ink for a while.  He is excited that I finally let him have two ink colors at the same time!
~Big Shot, Punches, and Bone Folders.  You can teach them how to shape punched and die cut card stock with bone folders.  They can also make some of the more complicated items with the Big Shot and Punch Boards.
~Now is also a good time to introduce finger painting.  You might want to protect their clothes with an old adult sized shirt.
~Acrylic Painting.  Let them use acrylic paints on paper, wood, and other approved surfaces.  Protect their clothes.  Teach them to clean up the paint brushes.
~Pudding Painting.  Put Pudding in a cookie sheet with sides.  Let them draw shapes, people, flowers, hearts, etc.  If you have more than 1 child, they can take turns deciding what to draw in their pudding.  This activity only lasts so long as they do keep licking the pudding off their fingers.  🙂  You can also do this with dried rice or beans.
~Have them write their own story book and illustrate it.  The stories and illustrations will get more advanced as they do this.
~Have them read a book and draw their favorite characters or scenes.  They can also do this after watching a movie or playing a video game.
~Have them make cards, pictures, books, and other items for grandparents and other relatives.  I know I always enjoy getting something made by my grandchildren.
~They can make removable pictures and decorations for their bedrooms by putting Tombow Glue on the back of the card stock item and letting the glue dry overnight.  This makes it easy to remove.  When it quits sticking you wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth, let it dry, and use it again.  Sometimes you need to add another layer of Tombow Glue and let it dry overnight again.
~Now is also a good time to teach children to crochet, knit, embroider, and sew.
~There are many children’s craft kits available in stores.  Let your child choose one and let them make it.
~Paint by number pictures are great for older children interested in painting.
~Let them decorate a wood box from the craft store.
~Basic Memory Keeping and Scrapbooking.  Project Life is great for kids (and busy adults)!
~Give them some glue and a box of craft sticks (Popsicle sticks) and let them create!  This kept my kids busy for hours!
~Pipe Cleaner creations are also fun.
~Cut out felt to make finger puppets.  You can use Felt and Fabritac glue to hold them together.  The kids can decorate them and then make up puppet shows.
~Paper Plate masks and flying saucers.  The kids can make masks to wear out of paper plates (I like the cheap, thin ones.)  Cut out the eyes and add some yarn, string, or ribbon to tie them on.  Decorate the outside of the paper plates, staple the plates together and fly them outside.  I am sure the kids can come up with other things to make with paper plates.  I know we made hats at one time.
~Elementary children can start making more food by themselves.  Mine especially enjoyed making desserts, but I taught them how to make meals too.
~Garlands and Banners.  Let them make their own garlands and banners to decorate their rooms.  They can use the Build a Banner Kit or use shapes cut out by hand or with the Big Shot or punches.


Teenagers can do all the crafting and creative things adults can do.  They may need to be shown how to do new things.  There is YouTube for that.  Some things you will want to do together.
~More advanced Kits
~Flower arranging.
~Picture and wall decor arranging
~Picture painting
~Home decorating
~Painting their bedrooms
~Making things to decorate their rooms
~Sewing duvet covers and matching pillowcases
~Sewing clothes and other items.  I sewed most of my clothes when I was a teenager.  I started out my kids with either elastic waist shorts or pajama pants.
~They should now be able to do Scrapbooks and Memory Keeping for things they want to remember.  Again, Project Life if great for this!
~Digital Crafting.  Most kids these days enjoy working on the computer.  Get them a graphics program so they can make digital art, ecards, digital scrapbooking and memory keeping, and hybrid projects for themselves.
~Video editing.  Most phones come with terrific cameras and kids are making lots of videos.  Get them a simple program to edit their videos.

Happy Summer Crafting!
Nendy Kerr

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