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Subscribe to My NewsletterI now have TWO Newsletters you can sign up for.

These forms are both double-opt-in which means –
1.  Choose the World-Wide OR Local Signup Form.  You fill in the boxes with your name and email.
2.  You will need to check your email.  If you have a gmail address you will check in the UPDATES Folder.  The email will be from “Nendy Kerr” and the subject is “Confirm your request for information.”
3.  Then you will need to click on the link provided to confirm you want to receive these emails.
4.  After you confirm your email subscription you will be sent to a page on my blog:
~World-Wide:  where you can register for the Newsletter Projects
~Local Stampers:  with links to my current class schedule and a place to register for Local Classes.  You can also register for Local Classes by emailing me at  OR use the Contact Me tab above.
5.  I will receive an email letting me know which email you signed up for.  I will also receive an email when you register for the Newsletter Project Pages.

1.  World-Wide Newsletter.

This is my original Newsletter.  You can use the Yellow form on the sidebar to the right OR the one that Pops Up OR the TOP Yellow Form on the page when you click the links on this page (the Picture at the top OR HERE towards the bottom).

You get three Exclusive Newsletter Projects per month on a FREE membership site.  You need to register for the Newsletter Projects site with a username and password.  I only have access to your username.  You will usually receive TWO emails a month.  You will get the first Newsletter on the first Wednesday or Thursday.  You will receive the second one on the third Wednesday or Thursday.  The information on this Newsletter pertains to those who live in the United States and in other countries, but are not local to me.  These Newsletters will no longer contain information on my Local Classes and events.  There may be information for Online Classes, and Tutorials.

2.  NEW Local Stamper Newsletter.

This Newsletter will give you information about my local Classes and events.  CLASS TO GO Options will be included for some classes if you want to take the class, but cannot attend-Local pickup will be the same price, and shipping costs will be added if you want me to mail it to you.  The sign up form will be UNDERNEATH the World-Wide form and will have green leaves and blue at the top of the form and a green submit button.

Where do I sign up?  HERE.  

You can also click on the picture above that says “Please subscribe to My Newsletter Here” which should take you to the same place.

Happy Newsletter Signing up!
Nendy Kerr

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