Build a Bouquet Flowers & Instructions

We finally had our Build a Bouquet Flower Making Class.  It was relaxing and fun.  We made one of each flower while chatting and having a girls’ afternoon out!  It took almost three hours to make one of each flower.  After you make the first one, you speed up and make them more quickly especially since some are similar to make.  So plug in some chick-flicks and make some flowers.  (I would recommend watching your favorites that you can craft to, so you will know what is happening without having to actually look at the screen as you can see the movie in your mind.)
Build a Bouquet Flowers

Build a Bouquet Project Kit #137952 (Available until  sometime in May 2015)
Build a Bouquet stamp set #137166
*Needlenose pliers
*Wire Cutters
**Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
Various Classic ink pads:  Choices are listed in instructions which you can download and print.
Clear Mount Blocks B, C, D, F, G
Bone Folder
Silicone Craft Sheet
You can also use the Bouquet Bigz L Die #137367 to make the same flowers in the colors you want to coordinate with your home decor.

* = Available at stores where tools are sold such as Walmart, craft stores, hardware stores and might be available in your DH’s tool box-just ask before borrowing 😉
** = Available at stores such as Walmart and craft stores.

Instructions in PDF format to Download.  These instructions include the words and pictures from the Instructions that come with the Kit.  The words are too small for me to easily read with my glasses SO I decided to type them out.  I also added the pictures that come with the Kit.  My notes are in italic so you can tell which is which.  There are also some photos labeling what each flower looks like and which parts to use for which flower.  I was very confused as to which leaf went with which flower and about the Fringe Flower Centers.  I hope to clarify everything for you so there is no confusion.  There are also some links to videos made by others so you can watch the flowers being made if you are a visual learner.

Note:  The Daisy (5) and the Chrysanthemum (5) are similar to make.  Same with the Poppy (5) and Wild Rose (5).  There are lots of Pansies (15) which are the quickest to make.

I was asked to join a blog hop so please visit Karen Bouchika’s blog to see two technique cards.

Happy Flower Making!
Nendy Kerr

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