“Create” Banner using the Celebrations Basics Kit

This banner was made using the Celebrations Basics Kit and the Bermuda Bay Add-On Kit.  The instructions look long, but this projects took less than 45 minutes to put together and part of that was figuring out the details.

I am sure I posted the Rosette Wreath which is hanging above the banner.   The first one to find where I posted it and emails me the link will get the Embellishment of your choice (US only) OR a FREE Online Class (US & International).  Please let me know what you want when you email me.
Create Banner from Celebrations Kit

Celebration Basics Kit #133007
Bermuda Bay Celebration Add-On Kit #133432
Big Shot:  Deco Labels Framelits #130102
Floral Frames Framelits #127012
Marker:  Bermuda Bay
Other:  Tombow Glue
Silver Mini Brad #122941 or other brad (It won’t show so color does not matter.)
Bermuda Bay Reinker
Rubbing Alcohol
Silicone Baking Sheet or other protective covering for your table (foil or wax paper should also work well)

1.  Choose the word you want on your banner and make sure there are the correct letters available.
2.  Choose the papers from the Add-On Kit to go behind the letters you have chosen.  The Bermuda Bay Add-On Kit has Bermuda Bay, Daffodil Delight, and Silver Foil papers.  Now is the time to select other things from the Kits to add to your banner.
3.  Choose the desired Framelit to cut out your papers to go behind the letters.  I chose the largest Deco Label Framelit.  You can choose either the largest or second largest of any Framelit set you want.
4.  Cut out the papers with the Framelits.  You can cut two sheets at a time to help things go more quickly.  I also colored the edges of each die cut paper with the Bermuda Bay Marker.  Watch this video on Paper Edging Techniques if you have questions.
5.  Now get out the number of banners you need to spell your word plus two.  Arrange the die cut papers and letters on the banners as desired.  Attach them using Tombow Glue or another adhesive.
6.  Find the Filter/Tissue type Paper from the Add-On Kit.  Cut a 4-1/2″ x 12″ strip from the bottom edge, and then a 3-1/2″ x 12″ strip also from the bottom which will leave the end with the adhesive strips for you to use later.
7.  Fold the 4-1/2″ strip in half and cut out the second largest Floral Frames flower.  Yes you can cut through all the layers at the same time.
8.  I cant remember if I folded the 3-1/2″ strip in thirds or fourths.  Determine the number of folds by the size of your die.  I used the third largest flower Framelit.  You can also cut through all these layers at the same time, just run it through once then back through to make sure it cuts all the layers.
9.  Pierce a hole in the center of all your flowers before you divide them up.  Now divide both sizes in half.  Put the brad through the smaller flowers first, then the larger flowers.  Open the tabs to keep the flowers together.  Now for the fun part.  Start scrunching the top flower layer.  I scrunched the layers straight up.  Scrunch each layer separately until all layers are scrunched together.  Now fluff and slightly separate the layers to look like a flower.  The smaller “inside” petals will be scrunched really tightly.  Just fluff and fiddle until you like the look.  Repeat with the second flower.
10.  Now for the messy part.  Put down your Silicone Baking Sheet or other protective covering on your table surface and work on it to prevent stains on your work area.  Put 10-12 drops of Bermuda Bay Reinker into your Spritzer Bottle that came in one of the Kits.  Fill the bottle about half full of Rubbing Alcohol.  Yes, this is the first aid kind.  You can test the color on a white facial tissue if desired.  If you want the color darker add more drops of Reinker.  Wipe off the mat with a paper towel.  Place your flowers close to the center so the excess spray will stay on your protected area.  Now spritz your flowers until you are happy with the color.  I did not do mine evenly so there was some color variation-some parts a little darker or lighter.  The centers remained white.  When finished, wipe up the ink with a paper towel and let your flowers dry.  It shouldn’t take long, but I did mine in the evening and let them dry overnight.
11.  String the banner cord through your banners starting with the blank one for your flower.  Just make sure you are stringing the banners in the correct order.  🙂
12.  Fold the Banners so the top of both blank banners show.  Now attach your flowers using Tombow Glue on the back center circle shape you formed when schrunching your flowers.  You don’t need much glue as the flowers are light-weight.
13.  Now to figure out how long your Banner cord needs to be.  Go to the place you are going to hang it up.  Tie a loop at one end of the cord.  Hold up your Banner to see how much cord you need and tie a loop at what will become the end.  Adjust your Banner pieces until you like them, changing the loop position if needed.  When you are happy with it, cut the excess cord off.
14.  Stand back and enjoy!

Happy Banner Making!
Nendy Kerr

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